HungryPanda Revolutionizing Chinese Food Delivery Service

London, England, October 26, 2020, ZEXPRWIRE, The food delivery business plays a significant role in the modern food industry. The business has undergone significant changes in recent years. With the rise of modern consumers, the main focus of these platforms is on accessibility. There is a high chance that the trend of eating at home, takeaway, may completely overtake the dine-in facility’s spotlight.  In recent times, there has been a rise in the food delivery services.

Founded in 2016, HungryPanda is a Chinese specialist food and grocery delivery platform founded by Eric Liu. A Nottingham graduate in Computer science and Management, Eric aims to make Chinese cuisine easily accessible for all. HungryPanda connects the customers with local food restaurants via their state-of-the-art approach. The application is available in the Chinese language; therefore, the company is very clear about their target audience- compatriots and overseas students.

The food delivery service started from Nottingham, and by 2019, expanded its range to 19 different cities in the UK. With extensive market coverage, HungryPanda today has spread in different countries such as the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many more. It safe to say that in this age of competition, HungryPanda is growing exponentially.

Home away from home

There is a direct connection between taste and memory. Food memories are often vivid and powerful, and finding the taste of home while being away is one of the best feelings. HungryPanda promises to be there for those Chinese individuals who are not home and search for authentic Chinese food. The cuisine has a specialty that no other cuisine holds, and HungryPanda understands it quite well, which is why it has partnered with a great range of authentic Chinese restaurants as well as Asian ones.

The feeling of homesickness can be quite severe. Food is something that provides comfort in circumstances when one feels lonely or unhappy, and HungryPanda is one of the platforms that plays its part in making people happy.

Efficient distribution & delivery system

Modern consumers today demand an efficient and seamlessly functioning app. HungryPanda, with its high-efficiency in-built system, works closely for the interests of the consumers and constantly works towards enhancing user experience. Not compromising on the convenience of the customer, HungryPanda further allows the payment through WeChat Pay and AliPay. Their foremost priority is what the customer requires and what makes their lives easy.

People trying to make a spot for themselves in the field of food delivery needs to intently follow the recent patterns, trends, and advancements in the food delivery industry. To run efficiently and offer similar services, they need to keep an eye on the changing market trends, as done by HungryPanda. It has refined overtime, evaluated, and re-evaluated the on-going market trends and made changes where necessary. Their habit of staying up-to-date with time makes them a global leader in delivering Chinese food and groceries.

Taking business to another level

By establishing a broad network of Chinese food vendors in such a short period, HungryPanda has made its mark in the food delivery industry. Earlier this year, Eric Liu announced that they had been backed by two capital firms, Felix Capital and 83North, enabling them to meet the customers’ huge demand that the Chinese delivery service has created. The $20 million funding was utilized to hire, expand, and product development in the USA to cater to the needs of the huge demand in the region.

Chinese communities, all over the world, contribute to a big chunk of the market. It is also important to note that they are quite particular about their taste and the food they eat. Due to language and cultural barriers, they find it quite different to communicate and find food according to their traditional Chinese taste. HungryPanda provides a comprehensive delivery service that satisfies the craving of these people for authentic Chinese food with efficient delivery service.

HungryPanda has revolutionized Food Delivery Services and brought the concept of specialized food delivery in the picture. Their objective of “wanting to fill the gap that other food delivery services fail at” makes this platform stand out amongst the rest of the food delivery apps. HungryPanda’s cutting-edge application is not just providing Chinese food to the people but is also promoting Chinese food and tradition worldwide. HungryPanda isn’t just food. It is an entire experience that fits their cultural background.

Published On: October 26, 2020