Nashville, Tx , 4 Jan 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, IGC is a gaming and cryptocurrency company that has produced augmented reality treasure hunts, hide and seek and digital real estate games. Throughout the games a digital asset called IGC can be won, spent and traded. This is a valuable utility asset trading on the XRP ledger.

IGC or In Game Credit, a token on the XRPL has announced its insane cryptocurrency loyalty system with rewards back of over 150%. This program due to its generous rewards system will be run as a trial to test the market acceptance.

The reason why this loyalty program is exciting is firstly that the rewards are generous and secondly that the holder maintains custody of their IGC asset.There is no need to send the tokens to a third party wallet. The holders maintain the custody of their IGC asset. IGC simply takes a snapshot of before and after before delivering the loyalty reward.

IGC takes a snapshot of accepted holders on the ledger and if not moved then tokens the reward will be distributed. This special pilot reward program is to benefit the IGC community and circulate more tokens to eligible holders

“This exclusive pilot program we want to make sure we monitor for abuse as it is aggressively generous to our holders. We will reserve the right to hit pause but we will honor our commitments” mentioned Simon Church IGC CEO. 

“We want to celebrate our success at the same time give back to our early adopters. This pilot program gives us the ability to do both.” Mentioned Simon Church iHunt4 CEO

IGC is a metaverse play to earn token that is the native cryptocurrency for the iHunt4 retail connectivity platform. iHunt4 is an XRP treasure hunt and metaverse reality game that connects real retailers with real customers through the IGC ecosystem. 

“We looked for ways to reward our long term holders with reward based IGC (In Game Credit) . We decided that this pilot loyalty program is a great way to bring attention to the project and at the same time reward our long term holders.” mentioned Simon Church IGC CEO

About IGC/ iHunt4

One of the leading XRPL projects with the following utility: Metaverse, Treasure Hunts, Digital Real-Estate Assets, Payments, Loyalty, Retailers, Post Covid, Open Source, NFTs. This project has a solid team, solid tangible leadership team and is bringing XRPL to retailers through real trade shows and regular updates. Find out more at and also 

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