Vincent ,Grenadines, May 17, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, As the enterprise world is on the onset of hailing innovation, the funding-raising game has become more vital than ever. However, finding the right VC and approaching them the right way is still a complex process. Ignis Capital is making this process simpler. The company recently helped Notzi Fintech – a cloud-based issuer processor enabling financial institutions to raise $5 million in a Series A round. Nozti aids financial institutions in building virtual and plastic card programs for their customers. 

Ignis Capital helped Nozti Fintech through rapid market assessment and due diligence to connect them with the right investor based on Notzi’s industry. Ignis not only helped the platform to pair them with start-up experts but also with investment experts to navigate the fundraising journey better. Along with familiarising the platform with a global network Ignis also aided the platform in exploring ways to accelerate its growth. Ignis’s data-driven consulting capability building and connections helped Nozti Fintech Secure funding of $5 million. 

By building a network of companies that are alike in their innovative spirit but diverse in their specific competencies, Ignis has created a self-propelling entity of brands that make it easier for both new and ongoing ventures to get off the ground. Nozti notched up its odds of success by boarding Ignis as their fundraising consultation partner. The platform leveraged Ignis’s dynamic business environment by showcasing the correct value to the stakeholders. Ignis, as a company, believes that a grounded idea only needs equity and know-how to fly.

Notzi consulted Ignis for its market expansion, customer acquisition, business building, operations transformation, and sales excellence. To quote a founding member of Ignis, “Ignis Capital believes that investments in cutting-edge technologies and tech firms are integral to the success of our future ventures.” The $5 million for Notzi is just the start for Ignis. At the same time, the company intends to continue expanding our expertise by helping other visionary entrepreneurs get their dreams off the ground and up to where eagles fly. 

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