Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, 26th April 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, From centuries people are talking about ghosts, spirits and all other supernatural events. Ghosts, spirits and other paranormal events are hot topics of conversation from ages. Many people believe in ghosts and others believe that all the strange events can be explained with the help of science. Today we had a talk with Karan Mohan Thakur who is a Certified Paranormal Investigator. Have a look what he says about the Paranormal.

Q. When did you decided to come in this profession? Tell us something about it.

Karan Mohan Thakur: I was interested in the Paranormal since childhood. I loved ghost films and Sony’s ‘Aahat’ program was my favorite. I also always wondered if ghosts are there, will they see me, etc. I consider Gaurav Tiwari Sir as my role model. My journey as Paranormal Investigator begins in the year 2019 when I was in the first year of my B.Sc, a student committed suicide in our hostel. Although I did not live in the hostel, I sometimes visit the hostel to see the room where he committed suicide. I always wondered if his soul would still be in that room or would I be able to see him. This question used to come to my mind again and again but because I was a shortage of time, I could never pay attention to it. But from the next year (2020) of this incident, the lockdown was imposed due to COVID and I had a lot of time to think about Paranormal. I always wondered if I could become a paranormal investigator. If yes, what do I need to do for it? When I searched about it on the internet, I came to know that there is a university that offers this course and it is an institution with which many Paranormal Investigators of the world are connected. So I joined Thomas Francis University, Florida, USA. I did a course from that university without any delay. I also became a member of the ParaNexus Anomalous Research Association, USA that deals with Paranormal Investigations and Most of the Renowned Paranormal Investigators are a member of this Association. After this, I got a chance to be a part of the International Alliance of Paranormal Investigators, UK.

Q.Tell us about your first Paranormal Case.

Karan Mohan Thakur: I remember my first case was a False- Positive case. The Client was having hallucinations that were started some days before. He further stated that at night time he feels the presence of someone in his house and he feels that someone is following him. When the investigation was started the EMF of all the rooms was recorded and all of the readings were common but when the EMF readings of the top of the house were taken there was a high value of EMF recorded on the Eastern Side.

After investigating further it is found that a high voltage transformer was installed just near the house recently. After asking the client said that the activities started after the transformer was installed. All other evidence has been collected including Photographs, Audio Recordings, etc. has been recorded that does not show any sign of paranormal activity in the house.

Due to the AC transformer installed recently, due to its high magnetic field it created a feeling of Hallucinations and other physical problems including headaches, etc.

After this case, I got another case which was being told about possession. People were told that a girl has been possessed by a soul. When I went there, I saw that the girl was tied up by ropes because she was attacking. After asking her family members, it was found out that this was happening a few days ago. I went to the girl for talking, she refused but repeatedly when I requested her, she agreed to talk to me. And as soon as we were finished, that girl suddenly recovered!

It was said that a few days ago this girl had gone out in the market and she saw that a girl has died and when she asked people about that dead girl, she found that between her and that dead girl, there was a lot of similarities, as both had two sons, both were poor, etc. This case was about obsession and not possession. That woman was so obsessed with that dead woman that she was considering herself a dead woman. When I talked to her, she told me about herself that she wants to teach her children and other things and after telling all this she suddenly fainted. After regaining consciousness, she was normal as before.

After this incident, I understood that the cases of possessions are rarely seen and what we consider to be possession is an obsession.

I always say that before giving the name of paranormal to any phenomena, one should have complete information about it because it has been seen mostly that those whom we give the name of paranormal are psychological disorders.

Q. Do you want to say Something to our Viewers ?

Karan Mohan Thakur: We cannot deny the existence of Paranormal, but such incidents are rarely seen approx one in a million or below.

“Before giving the name of paranormal to any phenomena, one should have complete information about it because it has been seen mostly that those whom we give the name of paranormal are psychological disorders”.

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