The Dutch firm Intercompany Solutions aids with company formation in The Netherlands, assisting many British businesses who are struggling with newly formed EU and UK customs.

Rotterdam, Netherlands, 24th Jan 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Brexit, as it is commonly known, will have a definite impact on British businesses and entrepreneurs. In fact, there are now concerns that Brexit will adversely affect the entrepreneurs’ ability to do business with companies from other countries in Europe as well as those countries outside the EU. In the course of negotiations for Brexit, these issues have been raised both by the European business community as well as British entrepreneurs.

One of the problems that British companies face due to Brexit is that they cannot find a suitable location within the EU to relocate their operations. This problem is particularly acute for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). These companies find it hard to relocate within the EU due to a number of reasons:

A lot of people in the UK do not even know that they may need some form of legal entity in another country within the EU. Simple things such as incorporating a business, getting a VAT registration number, and opening a bank account have become even more difficult due to Brexit agreements.

This is especially true for business owners who are not fluent in the language of the host country, as bureaucracy becomes harder when conducted in a language that they do not understand well. That’s where Intercompany Solutions come in and provide realistic answers and achievable aims.

Intercompany Solutions will provide a comprehensive and professional service at an affordable fixed price if you need accounting services for your newly formed Dutch firm, are starting a business in The Netherlands, or are dealing with your bank account and VAT number applications. With Intercompany Solutions, British entrepreneurs and others will have total transparency at all times.

There are many reasons British entrepreneurs and their clients feel at ease with Intercompany Solutions. One of these is that they’re based in The Netherlands, a core member of the EU, so they can offer 0% VAT for business between EU member states and 15% corporate tax, one of the lowest tax rates in Europe.

Being a Dutch company makes them the ideal solution for British entrepreneurs dealing with Brexit-related issues; this is partly due to the high quantity of English speakers in the country, the high possibility of business immigration, and the option of remote business formation.

The Netherlands is a popular choice for international entrepreneurs and corporations, especially because of recent EU and UK legislation. Investors seeking business immigration and citizenship in Western Europe frequently choose the Netherlands as a destination. That’s why Intercompany Solutions is the quickest way to link a new firm into The Netherlands’ economy.

Intercompany Solutions specializes in assisting with establishing the necessary bank accounts, legal entities, accounting, and tax filings. They can quickly and efficiently integrate your business in the Netherlands and provide a wide range of services that are difficult or impossible to find elsewhere.

Intercompany Solutions is proud to offer premium services such as answering questions, understanding local rules and regulations, and assisting companies in establishing a legal firm in The Netherlands.

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