Introducing Artistokens, a Decentralized Art Exchange Owned by the Community and Controlled by Artists

Hong Kong, 30 August 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Artistoken Network, a decentralized art exchange protocol, has announced that it will soon launch a presale of its tokens, $ART. With this blockchain-based platform, artists can publish, monetize, and distribute their work directly to fans as an alternative to current streaming platforms.

Artistokens, which started with a mission to give everyone the freedom to discuss, monetize, listen to, and watch the many art shows or exhibitions of their choice, has urged users and investors to take this opportunity. The artist’s network protocol repository contains all the components that are used to build and maintain the artist’s network protocol, such as smart contracts, services, and other supporting libraries. 

Performers, fans, and service providers integrated into a network allow artists to share their work with their fans, where service providers manage network traffic and security. In addition, the native token $ART ensures network security and exclusive access to features and community governance. 

By providing users with the ability to form artists as recipients of $ART tokens, the platform hopes to create the future of steaming. According to the decentralized community of artists, APIs, and fans collaborating to protect the worldwide ART catalog, the protocol will last forever through decentralization. 

The platform has also said that the $ART token, which is based on BSC-20 standard will have a total supply of 500 billion. A platform added that these tokens will be burned and won’t be reissued. The pre-sale, for which the date will be announced soon, will have 1% of the total token supply and will begin on the platform in the hopes of receiving additional investment in the project as well as giving investors the chance to earn money. 

While underlying the significance of the presale and $ART token, the platform said that the $ART token would be the main asset meaning the primary way for all the payments for the platform, and therefore, the demand will exceed the supply. As an added benefit, Artistoken added that the price would be low during the presale($0.00008), making it a great time to purchase the token and reap great profits. 

With the presale, the platform hopes to raise $400,00, and 50% of the unsold tokens during the presale will be burned, and 50% will be directed to exchange trading. 

As per the roadmap, the platform is focusing on presale and listing on PancakeSwap, followed by quarter 3, where marketing and a focus on increasing holders will take place. In the fifth quarter of 2022, the platform plans to list itself on CoinMarketCap and CEX. The platform hopes to begin developing its metaverse and NFT by the second quarter of 2023.

About Artistokens

Vadzim Vaniukhou, who is a semi-finalist on Britain’s Got Talent, heads the Artistoken Network, a decentralized art exchange protocol and blockchain-based alternative to current streaming services. It allows artists to publish, monetize, and distribute their work directly to interested followers. The goal is to give everyone the freedom to watch, listen, share, and earn money from a wide array of art exhibits or shows.

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Published On: August 30, 2022