California, US, 9th Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, PARK is an industry first platform that aims to disrupt the boundaries of one of the biggest daily modern life problems by providing a decentralized platform that connects users together socially to exchange their parking spots for a fee to the driver leaving the spot. 

Through PARK and with the power of BLOCKCHAIN, ARITIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, INTERNET OF THINGS and BIG DATA combined together, parking will no longer be a problem, making use of user’s daily activity data will help us offer and provide parking spots nearby you thereby improving your daily life by decreasing the stress parking implies.

PARK is economically founded in the $PARK token.

PARK is the first real token that will get rid of the daily parking problem 

Don’t miss the opportunity of being an early investor to what could possibly be the next UBER.



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BSC Contract Address: 0xcde4e7d6f35919a757433397ac9ed622d2284100

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