(via ZEXPR) Considering the drastic effect Covid and the resulting pandemic have had on the economy, many experts see the year 2021 to be the year of economic recovery. This will help in making up for the losses in the economic aspect of states and for this, one might want to invest in long-term beneficial stocks to get the full benefit. In this review, Iron-Bits broker, John Bentley, will be listing down 6 of the major stocks that you might want to buy in 2021.

1. Amazon

Jeff Bezos has certainly proved to be one of the best CEOs who transformed Amazon from a small-scale web-based bookseller to a $1.6 trillion technology firm in a matter of 25 years. It has managed to set a strong foot when it comes to e-commerce and digital payment and the fact that nobody wants to compete with Amazon says a lot about the firm. It shows that Amazon is definitely a firm one can invest in without any pressure of foreseeing a downfall. Considering how 10% of the US population is now vaccinated, the end of the pandemic is near, but this has got nothing to do with the progress of Amazon. It for sure will continue its process of growing mainly because our reliance on Amazon is not going anywhere. So, clearly even through the harshest time that we have faced with the pandemic Amazon has managed to grow and evolve with time.

2. Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway is an American multinational company that stands at the market value of $391,540. It owns many subsidiaries in a variety of businesses and trades at the New York Stock Exchange. The revenues of the company in 2015 increased by 8.3% than what they were in the past year i.e., 2014. Berkshire Hathaway Inc gained 12.6%. Advantages are offered by Berkshire on Funds and ETFs. It also has an amazing average annual return with its per-share market value that has been delivered by being at a compound annual rate of 20.3%. This is enough to make it one of the best stocks to invest in in April 2021.

3. Castle Biosciences

Castle Biosciences belongs to the industry of diagnostics and research and stands at a market value of $1.2 Billion. It provides diagnostic tests that give specific information concerning tumors to improve the decisions regarding treatment and patient results. Wasatch Ultra Growth (WAMXC) has been under observance by many experts and has an amazing annual average of 26.6% in the past five years. Wasatch has made a huge bet on Castle Biosciences which is a part of the funds’ assets that have been bet upon. It was one and a half years ago that the trading of the Castle’s share started and since then has increased their initial public offering (IPO) at 262%.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is basically a social media platform worth $42.3 Billion that was invented by Ben Silberman in 2010. It lets the users of the social networking app share pictures along with keywords and lets them make their money through advertisement. In 2020, the company managed to add 100 million active users every month. The revenues increased from last year at 76% to presently $706 million. The simultaneous growth of revenue and users makes it one of the best stocks to buy in 2021 as according to Wall Street, it will soon start making huge profits for the years to come.

5. Upland Software

It is a leading enterprise software whose market value stands at $1.3 billion. Based in Austin, Texas, it provides the companies with a variety of digital tools so that they can efficiently manage their customer base. Upland Software’s relative strength rating increased to 76 meaning it has managed to outperform 76% of all stocks in just one period. The company continuously posts revenue growth that is north of 35% per quarter. It is ranked at 29th number on the list of IBD of 197 industry groups making it a good stock to buy.

6. Stryker

Stryker is one of the leading medical technology companies in the world that aims at improving healthcare. It offers not only products but services in orthopedics, medical, surgical, and neurotechnology. Stryker stands at a whopping market value of $88.7 billion. Many analysts have referred to Stryker as being the core position for highly growth-oriented investors. There is a stark increase in the rate of elective procedures at hospitals with the US, Australia, Germany, Canada, and China being the high demanding countries. Most experts and analysts have predicted the stock to hit $265 per share by the end of this year and consider it as a major stock to buy.

7. IEC Electronics

IEC Electronics belongs to the industry of electronic components, it basically provides manufacturing services to technologically advanced companies. The products of the companies are very complex and innovative. IEC Electronic’s market value is $121.9 billion. Dan Abramowitz, the founder of Hillson Financial Management is known for their specialization in such stocks likes IEC Electronics, that too with a market capitalization of just $122 billion, he expects the earnings to increase by double digits this year. It remains among the list of the best stocks to buy in 2021 mainly due to its potential as a possible takeover target.

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