Los Angeles, CA, 4th June 2021, ZEXPRWIREIt seems like germs and viruses have taken over the world in a fictional apocalyptic manner. Okay, let’s not exaggerate it. The pandemic has made us more paranoid and has sharpened our survival instincts, though. Everyone is looking for a safe place to stay at an appropriate distance from one another, but what about the public places? Places like grocery stores and pharmacies with essential items cannot be fully safe from germs, no matter how much amount of sanitizers or sprays you use there. The question this article is going to focus on is, can we get a 100% Germs Free Grocery Store? Let’s see what are the possibilities?

  • Where there are a bunch of people, there are bound to be germs:

Well, this does not need much explaining. Grocery stores are the places where people do come, no matter what, 24 hours a day. This is because they contain essential items for living. Even during lockdowns, the grocery stores remained open, although with a strict allowance of a limited number of people at a time.

The point is, if you are at a grocery store, you are bound to counter germs. A Germs Free Grocery Store is not a possibility yet. However, by maintaining a safe distance and strictly following the hygiene rules, direct encounters with germs can be avoided.

  • Can’t shop without carts and trolleys, can you?

Can you shop for groceries without touching or holding the shopping carts? You can’t. Unless you are out to buy a few small things, you would have to touch these trolleys which have already been touched by hundreds of people regularly. So what to do? Either wearing gloves would help, or using alcohol wipes before and after, along with sanitizing one’s hands after using them can be effective. But remember, the risk always remains.

  • What about the shopping bags?

Either you use the store’s plastic bags or bring cloth bags from the house, they both are risky. It is better to keep your hands sanitized in between the trips to the store and back. Also, the bags are placed on the store counters for weeks sometimes, so they capture a lot of germs. Again, when the items are placed in them, they carry double the amount of bacteria. So, if you are thinking of shopping from a Germs Free Grocery Store, you will be disappointed.

  • Not just the fresh edibles are risky, but the packaged ones are too:

The openly places fresh fruits and vegetables contain a lot of germs as they are mostly not washed properly. Some of the preserving chemicals might also be stuck on the surface. Not just these, but the packaged ones are also at risk of being countering germs as they are touched by many people. Hence, make it a rule to sanitize your hands after touching anything at the store and washing each edible thoroughly when bringing them home.

Besides, if any of the packaged products seem ripped or torn from anywhere, do not touch them!

  • Refrigerator doors and bulk bins the germiest:

When using the refrigerators or bulk bins for edibles, keep in mind that they have been touched by many. They are usually full of germs especially as kids keep opening them for snacks and drinks. Always use sanitizer right after touching them.

  • No one wants a free sample of an edible during the pandemic, do they?

Even if handles by gloves-covered hands, the free food samples can still be full of germs. This is not because of the touching, but because they have been kept open for a while. Avoid such samples and testers for the packaged products, no matter how tempting they look!

  • Beware of the self-check-out screens:

So the screens at the self-check-outs may seem clean, they are not! No matter how much they have cleaned during the day, they will always contain a bunch of germs and bacteria. This is because everyone touches these screens so can easily transmit all sorts of germs. It is better to wipe the scanner gun before and after the check-out with a sanitizing or an alcohol wipe.

  • Credit card machines are equally risky:

Either you exchange cash or use a credit card machine; you can’t avoid coming in contact with the germs. There’s no other way to pay, though, so the best way to stay safe is to sanitize the hands immediately after using the stylus or the keys of a credit card machine.

  • Even the doors and counters aren’t safe:

So, while checking out, the doors, rails, elevators, or counters that you touch are all full of germs. There’s no concept as a safe grocery store, remember. Be ready to keep yourself protected and safe at all costs.

Whenever you visit a grocery store, always keep in mind that there’s no such thing as a Germs 

Free Grocery Store. While entering the place, picking up things and checking them for quality, touching the jars, bottles, and refrigerator handles, holding the bags or shopping carts, exchanging cash, or using credit card machines, all can be prone to risky germs and micro-organisms that can be easily transmitted. So, don’t forget to take a bottle of hand sanitizer along when you visit the grocery store next time.

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