James Kenton’s Metal Roofs Prove Resilient Yet Flexible in Nashville, TN

The roofs may last up to 70 years with proper care and maintenance.

Mt. Juliet, TN, 18-August 2023, ZEX PR WIREJames Kenton is a Tennessee-based roofer who has sworn by metal roofing for as long as he’s worked with them. Kenton’s metal roofing journey has encompassed 30 years, two states, and more homes than he can count. Three decades to the day, his metal roofs have proven customizable, strong, and resilient under the harshest weather conditions.

Metal roofs are vastly superior, to begin with. A Forbes showdown between metal and shingle roofing showed that a correctly installed metal roof is easier to maintain and costs less than shingle roofing. It also lasts 40–70 years to shingle roofing’s 40–50 years and is miles ahead in terms of energy savings. Kenton’s services only enhance these benefits.

“We provide something called roof retrofitting,” said Kenton when asked how his services further improved the benefits of metal roofing. “It’s the age-old of installing a metal roof over an existing roof. So, homeowners do not have to pay out of pocket to remove a roof that has all but caved in. They also have the privilege of a stronger metal roof. It may last them longer than 70 years because they technically have two roofs over their heads.”

Kenton’s career began in 1994 in Marshfield, Massachusetts. He joined a metal roofing company where he learned how to retrofit roofs. He also assisted in the creative process of innovative roofing solutions that provided extra strength, protection, security, and energy efficiency.

Kenton’s roofing services aren’t one-size-fits-all. They can be customized by color, material, size, angle, and many other features.

Roof retrofitting was the first service he adopted when starting as a contractor in Nashville. The roofer also provides custom roofing solutions, letting homeowners choose the color, size, and slope of their metal roofs.

The Tennessee roofer now manages the accounts and handles the customer service aspect of his work. He ensures positive cash flow, provides quotes, walks customers through the process, and creates schedules for various projects.

Kenton encourages residential remodeling companies and homeowners to contact him via the contact details below.

About James Kenton

James Kenton has over 30 years of experience installing new metal roofs and retrofitting metal plates over existing roofs. The independent contractor has managed projects across Tennessee for nearly 15 years, with the time before that spent working for a different metal roofing company in Marshfield, Massachusetts. He provides new installations and visits homes across the state for repair and maintenance work. For more information, click the links below.

Contact Details

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/JimKenton9

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Published On: August 18, 2023