Kolkata, India, 25 Aug 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, As a homeowner, you can save a lot of money, time, and effort just by understanding some of the home appliances and their important features. In summers, the air conditioning unit is proved to be the true gem of modern technology. It is the perfect time to have a new air conditioner or to replace your old one. Buying a new air conditioner system is a big decision, not just because of its price, but it determines whether you are comfortable at home or not. Everyone expects smooth and efficient air conditioning when they buy a new unit. If you are wondering to buy an efficient air conditioner that will be best suited for your home requirements, get in touch with Kridovia. Kridovia is the best home and kitchen appliances provider in Kolkata and offers the top platform to shop smart home and kitchen appliances of foreign brands. It is one of the premium e-commerce businesses in the appliances industry.

With the help of the best quality services and remarkable deliverables, Kridovia is all set to introduce made in India air conditioner of White Westinghouse. The founder of Kridovia, Mr. Rikesh Jaiswal, always wanted to do something innovative with how the people perform the daily household chores and cut out the extra time and efforts of the people. This aim and vision led him to work hard towards his goal and today they achieve a great achievement. He said, “Summers always comes up with the need of cool air and soothing dishes. White Westinghouse is the best brand in the air conditioning unit and we always provide the best to our customers. With the great effort and hard work of our team help us to establish a direct connection in India. Now, Kridovia is the leading supplier of White Westinghouse in India. The air conditioner comes with easily manageable and updated features. We are the best home and kitchen appliances provider in India who tends to promise to introduce the best products to our consumers.” It is really a great achievement for Kridovia.

White Westinghouse is the leading international brand for air conditioners which provides the best quality air conditioner at nominal prices. Kridovia is proved to be the leading supplier of the air conditioner of White Westinghouse in India. The air conditioner has a Coanda Function which provides an airflow length of around 10 meters of the area by streaming cool air upwards the ceiling. The process ensures excellent comfort in every corner of the room. In addition, the air conditioner boasts 25 degrees Celsius display along with a self-diagnostic function. The self-diagnostic function helps the air conditioner to run self-diagnosis if any problem occurs. It displays the flashing LED on the indoor unit and the user is able to identify the problem with the help of the manual. The updated functions of the air conditioner somehow ease the troubles of consumers. For the safety of the home, the air conditioner also has a fireproof electric control box.

The air conditioner also has Turbo Function which gives a sudden boost in cooling and makes the room cool down rapidly. With the help of the high heat operations, the air conditioner’s cooling process happens even at 55 degrees Celsius temperature. The AI Inverter Algorithm of the air conditioner calculates the compression requirement as per the desired room temperature and weather conditions. Another important function namely Golden Fin increases the heat transfer capability of the heat exchanger coils while protecting them from water and corrosion.  The air conditioner is super quiet and doesn’t make any noise which helps you to sleep well. The most important thing is that the air conditioner is energy efficient and you don’t need to worry about the electricity bills.

The mercury has started to rise and people are turning to the air conditioner to have relief from the torturous heat of summers. There are various queries that the consumer wants to know before having a new air conditioner. Well, you don’t need to worry about that. Kridovia is the best home appliance supplier in Kolkata and also the best platform to shop international home and kitchen appliances products. Don’t wait anymore and get the best out of this summer.

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