Kolkata, India, 13 Jan 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, The New Year is on its way and with the New Year; there comes the late-night parties and amazing celebrations. Just imagine, the party is going great and everyone is enjoying their drinks and suddenly you realize that you are out of ice. What will you do? At parties like this, it is normal to happen such things. For a situation like this, Portable Ice Maker comes in handy and proved to be useful. If you want to get the best portable ice maker, Kridovia is here to help you out. This New Year, the company is going to introduce the Frigidaire’s Portable Ice Maker which will help you to make ice anywhere, anytime. Kridovia is one of the best businesses in the appliances industry and offers the amazing products of international brands.

Kridovia always prioritizes the customers’ satisfaction over anything else and ensures that they come up with new and smart appliances from time to time. This time, the brand is going to introduce the portable ice maker of Frigidaire in India. The founder of Kridovia, Mr. Rikesh Jaiswal always believes to make the life of people easier and smarter with the help of the latest home and kitchen appliances. By featuring the portable ice maker, he wants to cut out the tension of warm drinks. He said, “Often in the parties and social gatherings, people run out of ice and panic what to do next. Even we can’t take cold drinks, wines, and homemade juices to the picnics or to any farmhouse, because eventually, they are going to be warm. These situations always bother people quite much and to resolve it, the portable ice maker is the best solution. With the help of the portable ice maker of Frigidaire, people can make ice anywhere at any time without any hassle and worries. The appliance is easy to use and carry that one can take it anywhere, anytime. We are the best home and kitchen appliances supplier of Frigidaire appliances and this time we are launching a portable ice maker. “The portable ice maker is the easiest way to make ice and keep your favorite drinks at the right temperature.

Frigidaire is one of the best American home and kitchen appliances brands that offer smart appliances to consumers. The portable ice maker is easy to use and doesn’t need any installation. You just need to plug it in, fill it with water, and switch it on. The ice bucket is quite easy to remove. The portable ice maker has an ice bin capacity of 600g and a water tank capacity of 1.8 liters. It can make 3 different sizes of ice. The portable ice maker has ice making capacity of 10kg in 24 hours. It is one of the best smart appliances and will automatically switch off when the bucket is full. The control panel of the ice maker is quite easy to use with lighted indicators and sounds. The portable ice maker has a viewing window that lets the consumer see the whole process. It also has an energy-saving mode with high efficient compressor. One can get the best portable ice maker from Kridovia Appliances.

If you have surprise guests and you want to entertain them without running out of ice, then you should get the portable ice maker from the best home and kitchen appliances supplier, Kridovia. With the help of a portable ice maker, you can get the fresh ice within 10 minutes.

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