LA ICE Machine Specializes in Emergency Repair Services to Help Restaurants Prevent Downtime Due to Ice Machine Failure

Commercial ice machine rental programs for restaurants at LA Ice Machine also include emergency repair services to prevent operational inefficiency.

Los Angeles, California, 30th August 2022, ZEXPRWIRECommercial ice machines produce and store ice in large amounts. They have an attached water source and a freezing tray that can produce ice 24 hours a day. But not all types of ice makers can be used for all applications. For instance, some ice machines produce solid ice cubes, while some make flaky ice.

When it comes to restaurants, most of them serve salads, beverages, and soft drinks. Choosing the right ice maker ensures that the facility always has ample ice to keep these items cold. Serving fresh food means more repeat customers at your restaurant, generating more sales and bigger profits. Since buying a commercial ice machine can be very expensive, restaurant owners can opt for the rental program at LA Ice Machine.

The company’s rental program also includes emergency repair services 24/7 to help restaurants deal with sudden equipment failure and prevent operational inefficiency.

Discussing the rental program of LA Ice Machine, a representative commented, “If you’re planning to open a restaurant but have a limited budget, it’s better to rent a commercial ice machine than purchase it. If your ice machine breaks down, our EPA-certified, experienced, and factory-trained technicians are available for same-day repair. We operate a large fleet of service trucks to respond quickly anywhere in Southern California. You must call our representatives immediately for service if your ice maker is producing ice slowly, there’s an increase in electrical consumption, the machine is making noises, or it leaks.”

“Regular repairs and preventative maintenance included in our rental program ensure that your commercial ice machine operates optimally for a long period. We can repair all makes and models of commercial ice machines at a fixed monthly fee.” He added.

Customers with queries or concerns can contact their representatives via the details provided below.

About LA Ice Machine

Ice Machine rents out ice machines to commercial businesses based in West Hills, LA. In addition, their services also include repairing and maintaining ice machines and renting out water filters and dispensers.

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Published On: August 30, 2022