Lado Okhotnikov’s Meta Force presents Meta Event

Dubai, UAE, Nov 29, 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Meta Force by Lado Okhotnikov is preparing a new show presentation Meta Event. The fourth issue of Meta Event is dedicated to the global release of the alpha version of Meta Force Metaverse.

Meta Force Metaverse is a unique digital world optimized for business applications creating virtual and real-world synergies. The Metaverse is based on the principle of reality simulation, its ecosystem includes innovative applications, in particular 4 basic ones as follows: Uniteverse, Tactile, Boost, Overreal.

UniteVerse is an application that provides access to reality simulation functionality.

Tactile is a special platform that includes a variety of everyday products, combining both digital NFT and their physical analogues. Here you can buy NFT, and then exchange it for a real object. Meta Force Metaverse faithfully simulates reality, and you will need everything you use every day: food, clothing, other goods. You will have to earn a living; you can get a job or organize your business and become an employer. Live and do business!

Boost is a series of digital playgrounds with fantasy games whose “physics” is different from the real. There are other physical laws at work here, and there is infinite room for your imagination!

OverReal is a program that shapes events on the edge of reality. It can be shows, information products, challengers, entertainment, and games related to the reality. 

And this is only part of the Meta Force Metaverse by Lado Okhotnikov capabilities. Learn more, Meta Event is coming soon!

Company Details

CEO Name: Vladimir Okhotnikov

Company: Meta Force

Country/city: UAE/Dubai


SOURCE: Meta Force


Published On: November 29, 2023