LAKE (LAK3): First Partnership with a Swiss Spring Giving Access to Millions Liters of Water to the Web3 Space

Geneva, Switzerland, 19th March 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, LAKE, an innovative Web3 project leveraging blockchain to revolutionize the global water economy, proudly announces a partnership with Sembrancher, a celebrated Swiss water source. This collaboration underscores its mission to unlock the access to water at a global scale.

Sembrancher’s mineral water, sourced from the Swiss Alps with history dating back to 1239, is renowned for its unique taste and health benefits. This partnership embodies LAKE’s aim to merge modern blockchain solutions with precious natural resources, offering direct access to Sembrancher’s water via the LAK3 token and its ecosystem.

Jean-Hugues Gavarini, LAKE’s CEO and Founder, highlights this collaboration as a milestone in advancing sustainable water solutions “Our alliance with Sembrancher enriches our ecosystem, bridging technology and tradition to ensure community access to exceptional water.”

The imminent release of the first “LAKE x Sembrancher” water bottle, branded as “The Water of Web3” will mark a tangible realization of our commitment to facilitating water access through our “Spring to Consumer” approach. This initiative is set to revolutionize the way we perceive and interact with water resources, seamlessly blending the necessity of water with the cutting-edge possibilities of blockchain technology.

LAKE’s ecosystem encourages users to engage actively in the water economy, promoting water purchase, water provision ownership, and community-led decisions and actions. This union with Sembrancher underlines LAKE’s groundbreaking strategy and its global impact potential.

As LAKE forges ahead, aiming to integrate water into the digital economy, the partnership with Sembrancher marks a crucial step. It not only demonstrates LAKE’s innovative approach but also signals the start of a transformative journey in water accessibility.

About LAKE

LAKE is an innovative Web3 ecosystem facilitating a fair and decentralized access to water worldwide. This is the first project to bring a clear, transparent and decentralized ecosystem changing the way we interact with water, from purchasing, warehousing, to distributing, consuming and even donating it. With a mission to connect millions to Web3, LAKE sparks transformative change in how we perceive and manage this increasingly scarce vital resource.

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About Sembrancher

A Swiss artesian source from the majestic wild and mountainous massif of Catogne – more than 240 million years old – located in the heart of the Swiss Alps chain, Sembrancher Mineral Water is a real invitation to naturalness and to quality. Present at a depth of more than 55 meters, it is carefully collected at its own pace and does not undergo any pumping, brutal extraction, or chemical treatment.​

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Published On: March 19, 2024