Leading the Way in Diagnostic Imaging: Intermountain


Medical Imaging (IMI) is a renowned medical imaging facility that has established itself as a leader in the field of diagnostic imaging services. Known for its commitment to excellence, cutting-edge technology, and patient-centered care, IMI serves the Boise, Idaho community with a comprehensive range of imaging modalities and expert medical interpretation.

History and Mission

Founded in 1999, Intermountain Medical Imaging has grown to become one of the largest outpatient imaging centers in the region. The facility was established with the mission to provide high-quality diagnostic imaging services in a comfortable and compassionate environment. Over the years, IMI has expanded its capabilities and invested in advanced technology to ensure accurate diagnoses and superior patient care.

Services Offered

IMI offers a wide array of imaging services to meet the diverse needs of patients and referring physicians. Some of the key services include:MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging): IMI utilizes state-of-the-art MRI technology to produce detailed images of soft tissues, joints, and organs, aiding in the diagnosis of various conditions such as tumors, joint injuries, and neurological disorders.

CT (Computed Tomography): High-resolution CT scans at IMI provide detailed cross-sectional images of bones, organs, and soft tissues, offering valuable diagnostic information for conditions like fractures, tumors, and cardiovascular disease.

Ultrasound: IMI performs ultrasound examinations using sound waves to visualize organs and blood flow. This non-invasive technique is used for evaluating conditions such as pregnancy, abdominal pain, and vascular diseases.

X-ray: Digital X-ray services at IMI provide quick and efficient imaging of bones and tissues, aiding in the diagnosis of fractures, arthritis, and respiratory conditions.

Mammography: IMI offers digital mammography for breast cancer screening and diagnosis, utilizing advanced technology to detect abnormalities at an early stage.

Nuclear Medicine: This specialty at IMI involves using small amounts of radioactive materials to diagnose and treat diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and neurological disorders.PET/CT: IMI combines PET (Positron Emission Tomography) and CT imaging to provide detailed metabolic and anatomical information, crucial for cancer staging and treatment planning.

Technology and Expertise

Intermountain Medical Imaging is at the forefront of medical imaging technology, regularly updating its equipment to maintain high standards of accuracy and efficiency. The facility is staffed by board-certified radiologists and technologists who specialize in various imaging modalities. These experts ensure that each patient receives personalized care and accurate interpretations of their imaging studies.

Patient-Centered Care

At IMI, patient comfort and satisfaction are top priorities. The facility is designed to provide a welcoming environment, with amenities that enhance the patient experience. The staff at IMI strive to make the imaging process as comfortable and stress-free as possible, addressing any concerns and ensuring clear communication throughout the procedure.

Community Engagement and Education

Beyond its clinical services, Intermountain Medical Imaging is actively involved in community outreach and education. The facility participates in health fairs, educational seminars, and partnerships with local healthcare providers to promote preventive care and early detection of diseases. IMI also contributes to medical research and collaborates with academic institutions to advance the field of diagnostic imaging.


Intermountain Medical Imaging stands as a beacon of excellence in the field of diagnostic imaging, serving the Boise community with dedication and innovation. With a commitment to advanced technology, expert medical interpretation, and compassionate care, IMI continues to uphold its mission of providing exceptional imaging services that improve the health and well-being of patients.

Published On: July 4, 2024