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Dubai, UAE, 28th Feb 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, The IB is a qualification that is on an increase in popularity. A significant number of students and parents are choosing IB over other curricula such as the A levels due to better pass rates. However, it is also known to be a challenging curriculum in terms of its learning demands. The IB awards a maximum of 7 in each subject to a student. The highest mark that can be attained is a 45 on 45, including tests and assignments. Students who are focused on getting into top world universities such as the Ivy League are aware that they have to get above 40 to gain admission into these universities. This adds to the pressure during the IB exams.

Dr Anil Khare, the best IB tutor in the UAE, provides tips and tricks to prepare for the IB exams so as to alleviate the pressure.

“The most important way exams in IB can be aced is through proper and consistent study. For this, it is important to manage your time well,” advises IB Specialist Dr Anil Khare.

“Taking notes and writing them down in an effective way goes a long way in ensuring that you perform well in your exams. Good notes should help you revise at the last moment. Instead of reading the whole text, if your notes are good, and covers all the important points in a concise way, that would work to your advantage in saving time.” Dr Anil Khare speaks from his expertise of having guided thousands of IB students to get 7/7 in most subjects.

“Mind map is another effective tool for studying. Create a mind map by writing the important aspects of a topic around it in an interconnected cloud format. This has been proven to help a person relate to the topic and it’s key points,” explains Dr Khare.

“Some students find it easy to remember things by using acronyms,” he says. “The salient features of a topic can be converted into acronyms for easy recall!”

These are some basic learning techniques that can be used for study. To learn more on IB, and on how to perform better in IB, feel free to contact him or log in to www.ibscholars.com

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“Do you know the famous IB graduates?” – Dr Anil Khare, renowned IB expert in the UAE

The IB is a curriculum that is fast gaining popularity, says Dr Anil Khare, top IB expert in Dubai. He believes that doing the IB greatly enhances your chances of acquiring placement in better universities, which in turn open up avenues for better career prospects. Dr Khare is an IB Specialist who provides tutoring, mentoring and career guidance for IB students all over the Middle East.

The rising popularity of IB can be seen in a surge in schools incorporating the IB, especially in the UK. While it was taught in select places initially, IB incorporated schools are on the rise. Currently 190 schools are providing the curriculum.

In spite of the demanding nature of IB, the hard work involved promises greater rewards as the study encompasses a wider programme as compared to A levels, and also encourages creative and independent thinking.

Because of the unique and all rounded framework that the IB is, Dr Anil Khare frequently motivates students to consider IB rather than IGCSE or any other syllabi.

Two of the most famous IB graduates are Justin Trudeau, current Canadian Prime Minister, and Dustin Moskovitz, co-founder of Facebook. Actress Lupita Nyong’o had reportedly taken IB Theatre which helped her gain entrance into Hampshire College for cinema and theatre while Musician Marina Diamandis is said to have aced her HL Music.

Actress Kesha holds a diploma in IB and apparently has perfect SAT scores, while King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands pursued History at the University of Leiden after his IB Diploma.

Apart from these inspirational personalities, Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s Supreme Leader, is also said to have attempted the IB!

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Published On: February 28, 2022