Little tricks won’t win the respect of the market – Lie maker Pureline

As the whole world is going through this coronavirus (COVID-19) season, more people start caring about health. In the US particularly, people are fighting for toilet paper and bottled water.  It is hard for all families to prepare bottled water for a few days or even weeks, if all people decide to stay at home and work from home. Installing a water filter becomes a proper choice. But please be aware when you make your choice from various brands and products. We found one of Amazon brands called Pureline has issues with its products’ quality and advertising. As we dug into this brand, we discovered multiple problems. This article shows the reality of Pureline.

Along consumer fears going up, many companies have increased the selling price of their products. State governments are pushing price-gouging measures strictly and provide an easy way for people to report price-gouging. As the need for water filters going up, Pureline decided to increase their price, not a few dollars, but over 10% of their original price.

Following are two figures show the progress of how Pureline has increased price:

We are fighting with this disease, and we should and have to be together to face this invisible enemy. Pureline set a bad example and if you are its customers. Fill a report, normally will be available on your state government website. Companies like Pureline should be punished and American people deserved a better market.

Pureline also used strong words against Chinese companies and brands, which is a normal strategy that have been used by some companies. Some people will turn into their customers.  Let us face a fact, most of our products are from China now. And we are relying on that since most face masks and isolation clothes are made in China. Do you know how hard it is to buy everything made out of China from Walmart? Another fact is most products of Apple or Microsoft are made in China too. Pureline uses this strategy to gain customers, but we find out that all of their products are made in China. So basically, what Pureline says on its Amazon site is do not buy our products since everything we have are made in China too.

“Many generic filters on the market are cheap knockoffs sold by Chinese companies looking to make a quick buck. These Chinese companies sell filters under different brand names, but the one thing they have in common is cheaply made carbon blocks with poor reduction rates.”- by Pureline

Pureline claims that their products could reduce 99% of chlorine. According to NSF, a public health and safety organization sets standard for different types of product, NSF 42 certified the water filter could remove at least 97% of chlorine in water. There are customers questioned Pureline’s function, some customers reflected it only removes chlorine but no other harmful chemical element. But there are also customers say their water taste like chlorine after they use Pureline’s products. According to its advertising, Pureline has one of the highest chorine reduction rates along all brands, but it seems like Pureline is failing on removing chlorine for some customers. So, the question is do all of their products meet the NSF standards? There are also tons of reviews that show Pureline products are experiencing leakage problems. It might look reasonable that Prueline does such job because they do not own any technology and all of their products are made from several third-party factories. Pureline is just an import company and they know nothing about techniques and products other than importing, advertising and selling. Like Pureline says on its website:” You will taste the difference.” Not all of customers’’ water tasted chlorinated after they use water filters. Pureline has achieved it and provided this unique experience to its customers.

Another inaccurate advertising, Pureline states they are using 0.2 microns filters on their Gold -series products. There is no factory could make a proper product like that. Even there is, guess what will happen when you use a 0.2 microns filter? It will take only a few weeks turns to a stuck filter; it could be just a few days if you live in an area with poor water quality. After that, the water will not get through the filter and will germinate bacterium which could get people sick. Not only that, unqualified water will cause multiple health issues which includes getting virus diseases. 

Pureline also launched a pro series of filters which they call it as “Pureline Gold”. From their Amazon site, it says “the Pureline Gold Series is our advanced filtration evolution.” They also made a statement:” The Everydrop OEM is not NSF 53 Certified. PURELINE Gold is not only NSF 53 Certified, but it has an improved carbon filter with pore sizes that filter 0.2 microns.” There is a BIG question mark about the NSF 53 certification they got, since all information should be available through NSF website. But the NSF website only shows that the JJ Import LLC (which is the company that owns Pureline Brand) got two groups of NSF 42 certification.

Unlike Everydrop or any other filter brand, they put all datasheet or certification number online, Pureline provides nothing but one single sentence. We are not saying they do not have their certification but we doubt that not all of their products were certified as they said.

If you look at Trustpilot reviews which are what Pureline has put on its official website.(Link: 11% of its customers issued one star and most of them said Pureline was a scam company because they never receive their items after Pureline charged their cards. Not surprisingly, Pureline has poor customer service and it will take a long time, maybe longer than this coronavirus is gone before you get your money back. Or maybe you will never get your money back. It should be a big warning for all of our people in America, there are more brands like Pureline out there. They do not have any research and development department and they do not understand any technique or science that is related to their products. They made orders to third-party companies from foreign countries. And they use words against foreign products and companies. They also make deceptive, tendentious and inaccurate advertisings. We should be careful about what we are buying, especially something related to food and water which are connected to your health and your families ‘health directly. They do not care about their products at all which means they do not care about us.


Published On: March 26, 2020