Live Music at Sea: How Margaritaville at Sea is Amping Up the Tunes

Music lovers can experience new levels of entertainment and find their groove while cruising the Caribbean. Margaritaville at Sea offers unique shows, round-the-clock music, and plenty of opportunities for dancing. 

Port of Palm Beach, FL, 7th October 2022, ZEXPRWIREFood, luxury, and great packages full of amenities are important elements of any cruise, but the quality of the entertainment can take a voyaging experience to a whole new level. Great music has the power to transport across time and space, and when the listener is already in a beautiful, relaxing setting, it has a singular ability to inspire people to take in the moment – to live in the here and now. When the goal is to relax and getaway, cruises with unique musical offerings can elevate the time away.

On the Margaritaville at Sea Paradise, live music is not just part of the entertainment, it’s one of the best reasons to climb aboard. The music sets a fun mood, livens up the atmosphere, imparts a deep sense of nostalgia, and fuels a desire to make memories. It also pairs perfectly with good food and great drinks. That’s why Margaritaville at Sea places music at the heart of onboard entertainment for its three-day, two-night getaways.

A Signature Show

The centerpiece of the entertainment experience onboard on the Margaritaville at Sea Paradise is Tales from Margaritaville: Jimmy’s Ship Show, a musical odyssey written and produced by Jimmy Buffett himself alongside producer Frank Marshall. The 45-minute show, which features live performances of unforgettable stories and songs inspired by Jimmy Buffett’s best-selling book, “Tales from Margaritaville,” transports audiences to islands filled with warm summer breezes and restless dreamers. 

A True Oasis

Once guests have experienced the one-of-a kind performance that is “Tales from Margaritaville: Jimmy’s Ship Show,” the Oasis Room is the place to be. The lounge features a variety of talented musicians from all walks of life. One particular highlight is an acoustic trio dubbed License to Chill Trio. This act takes on all styles of music from classic rock and country, to pop and Reggae, surprising guests with the range of covers they can perform acoustically. During the voyage, the Oasis is also transformed to a fun and festive space for Latin music. Driving the festivities is The Kaney Duo, a fun and lively twosome who not only perform all styles of Latin music, but also present American music with a Latin twist.

For a more interactive musical experience, the Margaritaville at Sea Paradise offers the “Singalong Piano Bar Tunes” hosted by the always charismatic John Massey. John is the musical director for Tales from Margaritaville: Jimmy’s Ship Show and takes audiences through a fun and nostalgic journey through music memories. Requests are answered with enthusiasm, and the experience has quickly become a guest favorite, as many seek out the Stars on the Water Bar to let loose and sing the night away.

Entertainment Around Every Corner

It is hard to find a spot on the ship that doesn’t feature good live music and entertainment. The soundtrack of the ship itself is always fun, and while it doesn’t feature all Jimmy Buffett all the time, his classics are certainly a crowd favorite. 

Dancing is a popular way to enjoy the ship’s musical offerings, and there are plenty of opportunities to move. Most notably, the Euphoria Lounge features a themed soirée featuring musical hits from the ‘70s, ‘80s, & ‘90s. The Fins Up Crew don attire from decades past and partner with “The Sunset Band,” the cruise’s featured party band, to bring guests the Oceans of Time Decades Party. The cruise also kicks off with the “Fins Up Sail Away Party” featuring all the ship’s entertainers, including the cast of “Tales From Margaritaville.” As the talent performs together, the Margaritaville at Sea Paradise Cruise Director and Fins Up Crew lead guests into a fun, interactive dance party as the ship sets sail.

While there is certainly an emphasis on music, musicians are not the only form of live entertainment within the Margaritaville at Sea experience. The cruise offers a comedy show taking place at the Stars on the Water Theater, with the first night delivering laughs for the whole family, while the second is reserved for adults only. Uniquely, the program rotates comedians from all over the United States on a biweekly schedule to keep the shows fresh and new for repeat guests. 

With its many entertainment options, including the flagship, Tales from Margaritaville: Jimmy’s Ship Show, the Margaritaville at Sea Paradise lives up to its name. Thanks to an abundance of bars, lounges, decks, and theaters, guests can always find the right music to match their mood. Catchy tunes delivered by versatile performers, coupled with after-dinner cocktails with friends, is sure to put guests in an island vacation state of mind.

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