Graz, Austria / ZEXPRWIRE / January 22, 2020 / LOGOSHUFFLE, a platform with years of experience in online logo creation is adding more features in its artificial intelligence powered logo creation tool. With these updates, the platform is enabling the users to create logos easily, fast and cost effectively. “We want to make the logo creation process more effective and avoid recurring feedback cycles. What a better way of doing it than using artificial intelligence (AI)?” quipped the LOGOSHUFFLE founder and CEO adding that the new features allow creation of a logo within three minutes. LOGOSHUFFLE, started in 2017 with algorithmic design and since then the platform is using more and more artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence 

The AI powered logo builder according to LOGOSHUFFLE co-founder and CEO, is the tool that any business out there needs to create a symbol that people can easily identify with. While announcing the availability of this tool added that logo creation does not have to be expensive and tedious. “It should be easy and affordable; a process which can be done easily by a person who has no experience in design and at a relatively low cost,” said the company representative.

Machine learning

LOGOSHUFFLE is taking advantage of the latest technologies to ensure that business get tools they need to make their brands visible and at a relatively low budget,” said the company representatively while adding that although artificial intelligence is at infancy there are lot of ideas which can be executed using the technology .The logo designing platform relies on machine learning. It enables the user to create a catchy logo with minimal experience and knowledge on logo creation and designing.

How it is done

The process starts with the user entering the preferred brand name as well as a few keywords describing the business. Using available options, the user can browse through the available design or customize the logo using colors, icons and fonts, all depending on personal requirements. Before buying the desired logo, the user has a chance to check out how the logo looks like on the real objects. The artificial intelligence controlled process, according to the company representative gives the user a professional, high quality corporate design package.

User friendly

The platform is available to individual users, businesses as well as logo designers. For those who are new to logo design and creation, the company representative adds that they will find the AI powered tool easy and convenient. “You only need to take a little time experimenting with keywords and setting and with a few attempts get impressive results,” added the company representative while calling on businesses to utilize the user-friendly platform to create logos that will boost their marketing campaigns.


LOGOSHUFFLE is a company that designs and develops online branding solutions. The company aims at developing solutions that provide the desired results which delivering the highest value and cost effectiveness to business. The target groups are startups, small businesses, medium sized enterprses and clubs all over the world.

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