Via ZEXPR, London-Gates, Ross Collins, details some of the stocks that hold long-term growth potential. According to the broker, the most important event in our lifetime started last March. It was the coronavirus. As a result of disruptive technology, Cathie Woods is the founder, CEO, and CIO of Ark Invest, an investment management firm, talking for about three years now. The change in our world that will happen in the next 10 years will surpass the shift in our world in the previous 100 years.

The brokers say if you’re positioned correctly, you will do exceptionally well. If you don’t persist in yourself properly, you’re going to do OK. So, let’s talk about the stocks.

The real deal nowadays in the stock market is TESLA. But there are few other big names like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon. Analysts think they are all going to have a robust second quarter. This is where the money is. These are what analysts refer to as the buyers. If a small company in the tech world has the potential to grow exponentially and fits the framework of any of these stocks mentioned above, they’ll buy it.


The next area that analysts are very heavy on and are anxious to have in their stocks portfolio is biotech. The mainstay of the biotech is CHRISPER THERAPEUTICS AG (CRSP). An article tells you about how Vertex Pharmaceuticals, a large pharmaceutical company, has upped its partnership with CHRISPER. As the author of the article says, this is an endorsement by a serious pharmaceutical company that CHRISPER will take us places we have never been before.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals are upping their partnership to where they control 60% of the profits that CHRISPER is going to generate. They’re doing this by putting $900 million upfront cash into CHRISPER. As CHRISPER is developing CTX 100, a genome sequencing drug that deals with blood disorders, particularly sickle cell anemia.

We now CHRISPER works because we’ve tested it in the test tube or the Petri dish. Now, what is going to break this is, CHRISPER is doing clinical studies on this CTX 100, and it will be before the end of the year decided. So, there they’ve taken it out of the test tube and put it into the people’s bodies. If this is a hit, CHRISPER will explode, and this vertex Pharmaceutical wants to be a part of it.

They have further committed that if this therapy is approved by the FDC, they will up another $200 million bringing their commitment this year into CHRISPER up to one point $1.1 billion. So, this is a heavy endorsement. But when you see a sizeable pharmaceutical company coming to CHRISPER like this, this is an endorsement. This is the best minds saying we want a part of it and we want a big part of this.

The next area we will look into and has impressed the analysts. It is:

Palantir Tech INC (PLTR):

Palantir is leading the charge, and analysts are excited about it. Alex Karp is the CEO of Palantir and Palantir is behind the movement that will give investors back their ownership of their data. But he is leading a charge to say we need to change the terms under which your data is handled.

When you signed up for Google many years ago, or Facebook, Apple, and Amazon, you relinquished your rights to your data. You agreed to the free surface of Facebook. You can have my data and do whatever you want with it. Now the governments are coming back and saying we need to put some restrictions. You did the same thing Google and Apple. Still, Alex Karp is coming back and saying we need to renegotiate the contract, and analysts believe this will happen.

In short, it is expected that people will have the right to be paid for their data being used in the coming future. The platforms that use your data will be responsible for paying you for your data, and it will become competitive. So, for example, if you use Bing, Bing will pay you so much for data. In contrast, Google will try to be competitive and say that they will offer more pay, and this way, you become the controller of your data.

So, Palantir is a big player that any investor needs to own.

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