Seattle, Wash., – Loopie Inc., today announced the launch of its new service, Shippie, in all major U.S. markets. Built in response to COVID-19, Shippie enables users to deliver items locally on-demand to friends and family.

Helping People Help People

Your friend calls you. They need a roll of toilet paper. You can now send them one without leaving your house and it will arrive within the hour. Shippie leverages existing logistics and delivery networks to get users fast and reliable on-demand local delivery. With the emergence of COVID-19, Shippie is committed to allowing people to send supplies, gifts and food to their loved ones without having to leave their home for roughly the same cost as an Uber ride. If you are a small business or organization who needs a way to deliver your products to your customers nearby, consider using Shippie to get things to the people in your network. Since its launch people have scheduled deliveries in states across the nation including Washington, Texas, New Jersey, Connecticut, Oregon, Idaho, California and Wisconsin. Items sent have included toilet paper, hand sanitizer, food, and books. Shippie has confirmed being live now in most major markets across the nation.

Loopie developed its software to address the issue of dirty laundry, but with the emergence of COVID-19, it became necessary for Loopie to innovate to meet the needs of consumers and to help people. Shippie was developed by repurposing the same software that CTO Jeff Lill and the Seattle-based development team created for the Loopie app as a way to provide on-demand delivery. Loopie’s CEO and Founder, John Vincent Lee, stated that “when you apply your passion and purpose, take risks and iterate rapidly, anything is possible. We believe that everyone should have access to the technologies capable of connecting us during these times of great adversity. That’s why we, a peer-to-peer laundry delivery service decided to create Shippie- and hope that this will provide value for others as we get through COVID-19 together.”

Loopie Laundry

In 2018, Lee launched Loopie, a peer-to-peer laundry delivery platform connecting people who need their laundry done, with those looking to earn additional income from the comfort and safety of their own home.

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