Florida, US, 24th Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Magnetic Miles Votonx technology will bing disruptive green technology to mainstream commercial fulfillment. The company is developing an array of technologies that can change the future of energy production. 35 World patients, 15+ years in development to completion. Now Magnetic Miles launch the VOTX coin to upscale the energy company’s developments
Among these are the following research and development activity goals:
• Remediation of the nuclear waste as produced by all sources.
• Produce abundant, low-cost, non-polluting energy, permitting the following:
• Cost-advantage heat & electricity production.
• Inexpensive hydrogen production.

Please visit the websites www.votonx.com & www.magneticmilesllc.com for instructions/info
Here is the live chart of the Coin launch 12/09/2021 6pm est
Fund Meta mask wallet, launch uniswap. Paste this link below in the token search
VOTX contact address: 0x70A9bea75a3Bfe97B631f53c2bdE9D3E2947eE9E

VOTX is Planets Earth’s next clean renewable technology. Join the blockchain’s most exciting coin launch today.

Please read the white paper and watch video’s – Position yourself at the beginning 

Media Contact

Company Name :- Votonx
Email Id :- [email protected]
Company Website :-https://votonx.com/