Ege Bölgesi, Turkey, 25 Aug 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Anonymity on the World Wide Web today is very conditional. Search engines regularly collect your queries, information from social networks can fall prey to cybercriminals, and all bank transfers are easily monitored. At the same time, personal freedom and privacy are increasingly restricted.

It was the anonymity in digital payments that spurred the creation of cryptocurrencies with increased privacy, such as Zcash, Monero,and Dash, and a new representative of this class – BlackHat Coin.

The BlackHat Coin project is a decentralized, privacy-oriented blockchain implemented on the zk-SNARK protocol.

The main idea of the team was to create an anonymous cryptocurrency, with the possibility of instant private transactions worldwide, which users could easily use as a confidential means of payment, not only as an asset for trade speculation. 

BlackHat Coin uses the PoS algorithm for mining, which does not require powerful hardware and is less energy intensive than PoW used by, for example, bitcoin.

The main advantage of using BlackHat Coin is the increased confidentiality of payments – transfers cannot be tracked, due to a number of factors:

  • Coins are interchangeable and there is no way to compare them to each other for traceability, and the node that created the coins cannot be identified;
  • Transaction information is only available to the sender and recipient, ensuring complete anonymity, while the zk-SNARK protocol hides any external data other than the time of the transfer.

At the same time, users have access to profitable and secure stacking options and the launch of masternodes that allow them to receive rewards in the form of BlackHat Coin.

As cryptocurrencies become more prominent, they are also attracting more government attention. To maintain anonymity under tight regulatory scrutiny, users will increasingly pay attention to the digital asset’s level of privacy, and projects like BlackHat Coin will become more and more popular.


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