Make Web2-Web3 Transition Easy with Pandora Finance’s Express Protocol

Express Protocol is working to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 with deep technology developmental model, a robust ecosystem, and a commitment toward the next-gen web. 

Singapore, 27th July 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, As time wears on, more and more Web2 companies are starting to move on-chain with Web3 technologies. The reason is that they don’t want to lose the opportunity to grow in this significant realm of a potential-bearing web. However, the majority of already existing blockchain-based Web3 technologies either don’t support the vision of Web2 companies or are too complex to adapt. 

No probs, Pandora’s Express Protocol has brought an absolute grail for users to #hodl forever! But first, an understanding of this march towards web3 is a must!

Web3: Going Beyond the Traditional Market!

The rising popularity of blockchain technology and branding is encouraging a lot of Web2 brands to occupy the Web3 space through Metaverse to realize its full potential. Nevertheless, a handful of Web2 brands are already making their way toward this new, immersive, and virtual space. For instance, many sports and fashion brands have entered digital showrooms to dress their avatar or even customize their own stores to buy & sell merchandise. Also, many giant food chains have started launching virtual restaurants where users can play games, receive codes for real food, and more.

Pushkar Vohra, Founder and CEO of Pandora Finance believes that “Metaverse allows everyone to push the envelope and explore creativity beyond the confines of the physical world — to continuously connect, add value, and deepen the relationship with users with the transparency of blockchain as its backbone”

These brands have also opened up billions of opportunities for other brands to create unique designs, digital assets like cities, buildings, furniture, sculptures, point clouds, textures, & more backed with NFTs to beautify the overall structure of Metaverse. Moreover, Gen Z‘s desire to represent themselves uniquely in the virtual avatars has also uncovered an exciting opportunity for retail, fashion, and cosmetic brands to make an ideal first foray into the Metaverse landscape with NFT-backed wearables & make-up to eventually help them elevate their virtual presence. 

Undoubtedly, the big brands are establishing their firm presence in the Metaverse. But, there are some potential platforms that are still struggling to get into the Web3 world of Metaverse. The reason is – most of them are not well-versed with blockchain technology and don’t have any developer or development resources to build their presence in this fandom. 

Besides that, moving towards web3 isn’t just a binary jump from web2. It is a process that is implemented slowly but steadily in various distinct components that come together gradually over time. So first, users need to discover the opportunities that suit their brand. Then they can gradually plan to enter this space by bringing their assets on-chain as NFTs. And one way to bring assets on-chain is by listing them on the existing NFT Marketplace. But beware of no ownership over the already existing marketplace. However, having a custom NFT Marketplace allows users to own & control their marketplace the way they want. 

So, it’s a wise choice to adopt blockchain technology and create one’s own NFT Marketplace. But the issue is — it is too difficult to understand the codes & nodes of the blockchain and its susceptible to various vulnerabilities & threats. Plus, the lack of skilled blockchain developers & tech-savvy protocols makes the development process more difficult. If this is not enough then platforms claiming to provide ‘your own marketplace’ often end up providing users with a ‘white-label’ or a ‘clone’ marketplace. 

Don’t fret! Pandora’s Express Protocol is here to make NFT Marketplace Development a cinch!  

Express Protocol is an open-source and secure protocol that incentivizes both Web2 & Web3 companies to create their own NFT Marketplace with just a few lines of code at no development cost in a matter of minutes, thus cultivating a robust experience of using Web3 technology! This high-functioning DataRich Toolkit cuts down the complexities of building Dapps on blockchain from scratch and allows users to create their own NFT Marketplace or Dapp with features like auctioning, minting, bidding, and selling, lending, borrowing NFTs & many more. Express Protocol’s complete support throughout the Web2-Web3 transition makes the integration process of NFT Marketplace more seamless and transparent.

With this shift to Web3, users can make their events more immersive and inclusive for everyone around the globe- from hosting exclusive Fashion Shows, and Art or Car Exhibitions to Concerts and Political Campaigns.  For any metaverse engagement, users can create any NFT Dapp ranging from their own NFT Ticketing platform, NFT Phygital Marketplace, NFT Social Token Platform and even NFT Metaverse and Gamefi Dapp. All of this is possible with Express SDK with just a few lines of code and in just a matter of minutes. This will surely attract people’s attention by providing them direct access to this adventurous space where they can engage, explore, and connect to earn massive revenue through NFTs.

Vohra affirms, “Express Protocol is an ultimate gateway for users, fans, and everyone who wants to enter the immersive Web3 world. — Build a variety of NFT Marketplaces, have complete control over the marketplace, and freely mint, trade, lend, and list the assets on-chain.”

Express Protocol is enabling a more seamless liquidity transfer within the NFT Economy through on-chain orderbooking; a medium to channel interoperability. WIth the cross-listing of NFTs across all the marketplaces integrated on Express Protocol a massive utility and exposure of NFTs will emerge, thus inducing enormous liquidity in the NFT ecosystem. This power-packed SDK will help increase the ease of sharing and integration of data, thus strengthening blockchain technology and encouraging blockchain transactions across multiple platforms. 

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