Manhattan, New York, January 16, 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Manhattan Book Group is ranked as the #1 Independent book publisher by Kev’s Best, whose 60-point ratings criteria was used to determine a top choice among indie book publishers in New York City. Kev’s Best narrowed down the publishers to five top options and named Manhattan Book Group the best option among those NYC publishers.

Manhattan Book Group’s unique selling proposition is two-fold: First, the company guarantees that the authors it chooses to work with will land on Amazon Best Seller lists. Second, Manhattan Book Group guarantees media coverage for its authors on major news websites such as NBC, CBS and FOX.

New York Weekly also gave their stamp of approval: “Manhattan Book Group is a reliable and viable option operated by a bestselling author with clear expertise in publishing. Highly recommended.”

The owner of Manhattan Book Group, J.J. Hebert, is a #1 best-selling author featured in Forbes, Inc and Entrepreneur magazines. “I understand that authors have a lot of choices when it comes to publishing,” Hebert said. “The problem with most of the other publishers is that there are no guaranteed deliverables. Authors don’t know what they’re going to get with those other guys. But Manhattan Book Group authors experience publishing much differently; they know that their books will be seen on best-seller lists and on major media outlets. This makes us a top choice.”

Another perk of Manhattan Book Group is that the company provides its authors with 100% royalties instead of the industry standard 10%. There is also no need for authors to approach Manhattan Book Group through a literary agent. In fact, the vast majority of Manhattan Book Group’s author clients are unagented.

Manhattan Book Group, located on Broadway in NYC, has to be selective in order to maintain its guarantees. That means there is a vetting process involved with each potential client. Authors may contact Manhattan Book Group through its website and/or submit their manuscripts at