Business has been in a frenzy, especially for startups, in the last couple of months as coronavirus pandemic continues to spread.

Every business has been affected as the governments impose lockdowns, and people try to stay at home to flatten the infection curve. During these times of uncertainties, much of how we know and do business has been changed, and the changes will possibly persist even after the lockdowns.

For startup companies, it’s time to be more aggressive and implement suitable marketing strategies. If they adapt now, they’ll have a better chance to survive the pandemic and even thrive after that.

How To Do Marketing During Coronavirus

The right channels that you used before the outbreak might not work during this time. Implementing the relevant styles will enable you to reach your clients and potential customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has been a part of our life even before. Self-isolation and social distancing have prompted many people to spend more time on social media.

Take this chance and market your business. Showing some empathy in your organic posts might draw some attention.

Consider spending on ads too. These give you a chance to reach people who cannot see your organic posts. However, you should be careful when spending on ads as conversion rates have gone down, and you might also suffer a stock outage.

Slowing your ad spending or simply being selective on where you spend will help you avoid economic losses.

 Content Marketing and SEO

Most of your competitors are likely to have paused due to panic and fear of risking their businesses. Now is your time to create SEO content to improve your rankings.

When potential customers go searching for goods or services, yours will possibly be ranked high if you employ Search Engine Optimization properly.

Create content that’s specialized for this time, such as a notice on your homepage where directing your customers where they can buy your products now that your physical location is closed.

Additionally, creating content around COVID-19 is a great idea. The world is learning new ways of doing things like virtual meetings, which might be an advantage to your startup. You can offer information while still offering your products.

Email Marketing

If you have an emailing list, then this will still work well even as you and your customers practice social distance.

Keeping your current and regular customers informed is vital. You can use this chance to let them know of any discounts and coupons that you’re offering. You will be nurturing your existing customers as well as building relationships with new customers.

As a business owner, there’s never a good time to stop building trust with your clients and learning your audience.

Video Marketing

Video on Demand (VOD) platforms have experienced an increase in their usage with the US seeing a 7.5 % increase and as high as above 40% in Austria and Spain.

This strategy may need you to use influencers as their popularity is a plus.


However hard and disrupted business is, there’s always a strategy you can employ to your advantage. In this case, online marketing may be your best shot.