Offering delectable edibles, premium hemp flowers, and organic CBD oil, Mary Jane’s Bakery Co. has become widely popular among CBD lovers in the state

Miami, Florida, 22nd September 2022, ZEXPRWIREThe CBD industry in Florida has grown exponentially in the last few years. Thanks to the state’s legalized status of hemp with 0.8 percent THC content, Miamians can enjoy CBD goods across the city.

But as the CBD industry started to expand in Florida and other states where the 2018 bill legalized CBD, a surge in CBD shops was seen. This resulted in businesses opening up that offered cheap CBD products and turned people away from CBD.

For the residents of Miami, Mary Jane’s Bakery Co. has catered to the demand for high-quality, organic CBD products since the day it opened its doors. The online CBD confectioner has an assortment of natural CBD oil-infused products, including edibles, vapes, topicals, and tinctures.

A spokesperson for Mary Jane’s Bakery Co. shared, “When we opened our store back in the day, people were still looking for good-quality CBD products. Many didn’t know what they were looking for. But as a business that vouches for the benefits of CBD, we couldn’t let our customers feel like they were getting sub-par products. We aim to consistently provide only premium quality products.”

Over the years, Mary Jane’s Bakery Co. has earned its reputation as a CBD store that offers top-notch quality, a wide variety of items, and prompt delivery services. For those keen to try CBD vapes, CBD oils, or CBD topical benefits, Mary Jane’s Bakery Co. has it all under one roof.

Lastly, the delicious edibles available at Mary Jane’s Bakery Co. are a fan favorite. Miamians looking for CBD cookies, CBD gummies for anxiety, and CBD snacks have turned to Mary Jane’s Bakery Co.’s premium CBD edibles.


Mary Jane’s Bakery Co. is an online CBD store based out of Miami. The CBD products offered at Mary Jane’s Bakery Co. are popular among the residents of Miami owing to their pure quality and organic nature.

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