Medical Fitness Course By W.I.T.S Gives Occupational Therapists An Outlet To Expand Into The Fitness Industry

Virginia, US, 7th June 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, W.I.T.S. Partners with colleges to offes interactive online and in-personal practical training to occupational therapists, allowing them to expand their career prospects

The wellness and fitness industry has created several new niches in the fitness world, such as medical fitness, but there aren’t enough qualified trainers to satisfy the client’s needs. Occupational therapists and massage therapists can enter the medical fitness field if they get additional training. W.I.T.S. Education offers medical fitness training courses in conjunction with college so that occupational therapists can expand their skills and get involved in the fitness industry for better job prospects.

W.I.T.S. Education has designed the course to equip students with hands on skills allowing them to prescribe exercises to those with chronic illness or any disabilities. Students are also taught to use a multi-disciplinary approach when assessing situations. Besides that, W.I.T.S. education enables students to work in collaborative environments to design treatments for individuals with chronic conditions. After completing the course, W.I.T.S. offers students internship and job placement opportunities to help them start their careers.

Talking about the importance of medical fitness, a spokesperson from W.I.T.S. stated, “Our medical fitness course is designed to enable students to use exercise as medical care. We educate the students on different disabilities and illnesses that can be treated with exercise. Our learning approach allows students to get the required knowledge and practical skills through our interactive labs. Once the students finish the course, they’ll be able to expand their job prospects and work in the fitness and wellness industry.”

Besides training sessions, W.I.T.S. education also allows students to gain college credits after the completion of their courses. W.I.T.S. is accredited by the N.C.C.A. and the American Council of Education and has the largest network of universities and colleges in the industry. In addition to medical fitness training, W.I.T.S. offers several other training courses for personal trainers looking to enter a new fitness niche.

About the Company

W.I.T.S. Education is a fitness training organization that offers a wide variety of fitness courses, including certified personal trainer courses, group exercise instructor courses, and fitness management courses. The company operates in 39 states in the US. and Canada. They also have the largest university and college networks in the industry as well as accreditation from the N.C.C.A and the American Council of Education. Their online interactive training method is designed to produce versatile fitness trainers that can work in different environments.

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Published On: June 7, 2022