Meme Club Launching Meme Wars September 2022

London, UK, Aug 5th, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, MemeWars team is very pleased to announce its launching. As it aims to make dream a reality for the users. Over 10 years ago Patrick Meier, a multinational businessman who has composed himself throughout the UK for many years steps into the spotlight. Over hearing a conversation in the early days of 2013. He was persuaded to purchases Bitcoin when price was at a supreme low. With such ‘futuristic talks’ in central London bar, Patrick decided to take a punt and hold his investment as he was unaware of the magnitude of what cryptocurrency could become.

With what he calls his ‘lucky break’, Patrick regularly gives back to his community where he has been residing for quite some time, Sheffield. Opening regular food banks throughout the year for the homeless and those less fortunate.

      ‘I feel that this who are less fortunate are just lost in their minds, I try to help as much as I can which has led me into where I am heading’ – Patrick, Sheffield

On top of his cryptocurrency fortunes and previous hardworking success, Meier has admitted one of his skills for spotting talented and driven people. He can relate to a person’s energy and ambition which he reflects on very regularly to keep him moving forward. 

Meier’s recent move yet again turns a profit, he has taken a family friend under his wing over the past few years as he identified several skills in what he would see in his younger self. 

Salesman to Senior Trader is a much-deserved title and introduction for Jonathan Haller who has produced a 12-month BTC Futures trading record of over 250% APR. 

The agreement is only known privately between the two parties, what we have been told is Meier gave Haller an incredible opportunity and starting balance of £100,000 to start his Senior Trading career back in July 2021.  Haller regularly chose to seek advice from Patrick over the past 4/5 years as he looked at him as a ‘Father Figure’. He states that he picked up trading as a personal interest in his early 20’s.

Talking through hobbies and interests somewhat 4/5 years ago whilst golfing one weekend away at The Belfry golf resort, Jonathan explained to Patrick how he has been profiting his daily wage on just a few small trades. Patrick advised him to stick at it, which is what he did. After years and years of self-study, free online YouTube tutorials and practice at trading Forex, Jonathan moved onto ‘Leverage Futures Trading’.

‘After researching ways to increase profits without increasing capital, I found leverage futures trading. Managing my risk carefully, I increased my profits drastically and allowed me to excel’ – Haller, Manchester

What became a small money maker for Jonathan completely turned his life around with what Patrick had offered.

With this in mind, and a full team at disposal…Meier decides to leap into a Crypto + Business venture.

In a world where your everyday investor is faced with 1-2% per month at best, Meier has opened his new business and has delivered on a huge scale, Meme Club.

On 25th July 2022 Patrick Meier officially launches his Cryptocurrency Investment Platform ‘Meme Club’ which is guaranteeing 100% returns on all contract investments. From daily interest rates of 0.75% – 1.5%, Patrick and his team are returning some incredible profits very quickly. With their off the scale referral system, 9 levels deep, you can really earn some fantastic returns on a daily basis.

With all this in mind, what does the future hold for Meme Club…

‘We are in a fantastic position, our Senior Traders and Robotized Trading Software’s are netting a fantastic 33%+ per month.  Our Play’2’Earn game is almost ready for release, which will be heavily marketed before we launch a bridge on BSC & ETH. Yes that’s correct we will bridge our game across two different blockchains so you have the choice as to which you would like to earn. For all the token enthusiasts out there, all crypto taxes will be towards our investors daily returns and marketing the business as a whole’

‘We have a lot to come, keep your eyes peeled for our weekly updates, Meme Club token launches, Meme Club Swap, Tutorial videos and multinational promoters’ – Meier, Sheffield

Let’s see how Meme Club can take the Crypto space by surprise through the autumn of 2022.

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Published On: August 5, 2022