MEMEKONG launches on the ERC-20 network with huge partnerships and utility already in the works

Houston, US, 18th Feb 2022, ZEXPRWIREMEMEKONG: Our team is excited to bring you Meme Kong on the ERC-20 network, the new cryptocurrency created by a diverse group of well skilled individuals from around the globe with the goal of becoming the KING of all meme coins. On our expedition to the crown, we will operate with integrity, transparency and respect for our community. Meme Kong will host a variety of utilities that will recognize individuals notoriety and status on the blockchain.

The standard for meme coins is to focus solely on aggressive marketing pushes, cult mentality, and of course; hype. They strike when the anvil is hot, and think about the use case later. With Meme Kong we intend to bring you the best of both worlds with implementing solid utility and a strong community. There is no denying that meme coins have far surpassed industry expectations but we recognize and know there is always room for improvement.

Our mission is to be the KING of the meme coins and dethrone them all! Unlike many other meme coins that don’t stand the test of time, Meme Kong will provide longevity through utility along with competitive, interactive features that will separate us from the rest. Our goal is to ensure every APE EATS!

The reason meme coins gain fame and perform so well is mostly due to successfully run social media, community engagement and hype created by influencers. We recognize that all of these are important but just like anything in life; there is always room for improvement. We quickly realized in order to achieve our goal of becoming the KING of all meme coins we needed to enhance and improve upon what has already been done so we may go where no Ape has ever gone before. Meme Kong’s improvements on conventional operations of meme coins will include but not be limited to:
-Fully doxxed Founder and Project Managers from day 1 which is extremely rare on launch. Most meme coins play with the notion that the mystery adds to their value. While this creates hype to keep the chat going with speculation of Elon or God himself possibly being the founder, this move will typically fall short of expectations. In reality they withhold transparency because they’re truly lacking experience and credibility. At Meme Kong, we know who we are, have nothing to hide and operate with an unprecedented level of integrity.
-We recognize things need to change so we will be implementing 24/7 voice chat in our Telegram group as the days of anonymity without accountability are over. We believe that this level of constant communication with our community is key to ensure success and building a bigger and better jungle for every APE.
-Implementing real utility and collaborating with huge projects presently established in this space will further Meme Kong’s reach as we will not be shackled by the restraints of a typical meme coin.
-Incentivized social engagement app where investors will be rewarded along with a play to earn game that allows users to earn $MKONG.

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Published On: February 18, 2022