Meta Force Metaverse by Lado Okhotnikov: New Age of Online Business

Dubai, UAE, 16th October 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Meta Force announced the release of the first part of its own Metaverse. The international company headquartered in Dubai has announced the completion of the development of the Meta Force Metaverse kernel and core functional modules. 

Meta Force Platform by Lado Okhotnikov

The Meta Force project launched about a year ago, has become known as the digital space for network marketing teams. The road map of the project provided for the progressive enhancement of functionality and development to a full-fledged Metaverse.

The project was founded by Vladimir aka Lado Okhotnikov, a developer of blockchain projects, leading expert in network marketing. Mr. Okhotnikov is known in the crypto community as a supporter of the crypto business liberalization.

Meta Force quickly gained popularity as a platform with a quick entry into the business. Currently, the project has about one and a half million active users.

The platform is built on the basis of the Polygon blockchain, this provides decentralized management and the ability to use smart contracts.

Smart Contracts as a Basis of Meta Force

Smart contracts provide the functionality optimal for the network marketing format:

  • Network marketing has a complex structure of interaction between project participants. Smart contracts can accurately describe all rules and ensure fair sharing of responsibilities and profits.
  • The terms set out in smart contracts cannot be changed, including by Meta Force managers.
  • The system of smart contracts is absolutely transparent and fair.
  • Smart contract excludes a subjective approach, management decisions are impartial and fair.

Metaverse as a Space for Business 

Metaverse will be the final stage of the Meta Force project development. Users will get a comfortable and safe business space. The functionality will be focused primarily on business, the visual will actually play the role of a user-friendly interface that provides maximum efficiency. This business orientation is the hallmark of the project. 

However, for the convenience of users, most of whom have to spend full-time on the platform, developers widely gamify business processes, including the use of “play to earn” format.

The Polygon-based Forcecoin token was developed as native cryptocurrency of the project. It will become the main domestic currency and will be listed in all major crypto-exchanges.

First Phase of the Meta Force Project

The first phase of the Meta Force project was completed by upgrading the basic software modules, adding new functionality and preparing for further implementation of Metaverse.

The main innovations of the platform are:

  • Upgrade of the Uniteverse block, which is the software core responsible for computing and project management.
  • The use of Forcecoin has been extended.
  • Force Wallet and Marketplace were released as trading and settlement modules within Metaverse.
  • Users have access to virtual property purchases in future Metaverse.

About Meta Force

Meta Force is a company developing a decentralized digital business platform focused on user projects in the field of network marketing. The final stage will be Metaverse which is comfortable digital space connecting offline and online businesses. 

Company details

CEO Name: Vladimir Okhotnikov

Company: Meta Force 

Country/city: UAE/Dubai


Published On: October 16, 2023