MetaCelo – The new star in Celo Ecosystem

Singapore, 16 Feb 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, MetaCelo is the first Play-to-Earn Metaverse NFT Game built on Celo Network where players become monster trainers and experience their own adventures in an open-world role-playing blockchain game.

MetaCelo has launched its mainnet on February 12th, players have been able to start participating in the game and experiencing first game features and mechanics. MetaCelo, with its vintage design and nostalgic feeling, is a metaverse formed from childhood dreams of Pokemon on the Game Boy Advanced. The return to simplicity of in-game design elements make players nostalgic. It reminds players of their youth and memories of carefree days of playing games.

And not only that, but it was founded with the intention of creating a place for players to mingle and connect while exploring the cryptocurrency metaverse. Players can earn $cMETA token while enjoying their adventures by accessing Farming and Staking features which have been released as soon as mainnet has been launched. Players can generate income from adding LPs and staking mystery boxes, in which they imprison tamed deviants and they will become Guardians that obey the box’s owner.

To motivate trainers by thrilling competitions, MetaCelo is running a tournament in Challenge Mode. Trainers open their mystery boxes, and receive a Guardian with a type corresponding to the box type for each opened box. Every trainer must own at least 3 Guardians with 3 types of monsters including Grass, Fire and Water to challenge in the arena. A monster trainer will fight other trainers together with Guardians to get higher ranking. Each Season, MetaCelo Team spends 15,000 CELO from the revenue stream to award the Top 150 players of PvP leaderboard. The higher the ranking, the greater the prize.

On February 13th, MetaCelo announced the Game Guild Program. Any Community with more than 5,000 members or Guild with more than 100 members can participate in the program and gets benefits such as 03 MetaCelo Mystery Boxes, Reward for tournaments, cooperating with MetaCelo in building a vibrant gaming community.

With all the excellent features that MetaCelo has brought players, upcoming features are worth waiting for:

·  NFT: In MetaCelo, people may mint NFTs from other projects building on Celo Network and may trade these NFTs to each other.

·  Launchpad: MetaCelo will have its own launchpad to assist our gamers discover new and potential projects and invest in them. Furthermore, we will integrate different launchpads so that our users may access numerous projects at the same time.

·  Game Features: Flea Market, Monster Release, PvE, PvP, Items,…


Name: MetaCelo

Symbol: $cMETA

Network: Celo Network

Contract Address: 0xF3608F846cA73147F08FdE8D57f45E27CeEA4d61


Media Contact:
[email protected]

Published On: February 16, 2022