Singapore, 11 Aug 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, MEXC Global has joined hands with the democratic decentralized autonomous organization(DDAO) vEmpire, extending its reach into the DeFi market. MEXC, together with vEmpire, will work hand in hand to wage war on DAOs practising centralization like the current Metaverse group.

vEmpire sets to launch its native token, VEMP, on the 31st of August. The launch follows the release of the Empire’s first 100 puzzle gaming NFTs, the Cataphracts, at the start of August. The project has also introduced another set of NFTs dubbed the Emperor’s Parchments. These NFTs reward vEmpire users based on utilizing, interacting and supporting the Empire’s cause

MEXC Lights the Torch for vEmpire’s IEO

MEXC stands as one of the forefront exchanges set to oversee vEmpire’s Initial Exchange Offering. The Empire will leverage the exchange’s ever growing platform to certify its position in the fight against centralization.

Furthermore, vEmpire plans to launch $VEMP via Unicrypt’s ILO, one of MEXC’s most formidable protocol partners. MEXC, together with Unicrypt’s resources, ensures a smooth trading experience for $VEMP holders for years to come.

vEmpire Puzzle Game & Invasion Causes a Media Frenzy

vEmpire’s puzzle NFT game has created quite the talk in the social media space. According to the project’s CEO Dominic Ryder, a series of letters and numbers were hidden in 99 of the first 100 NFTs released recently. The price floor of the first 100 NFTs released stood at 0.1ETH, these sold out quickly and were replaced by 100 different NFTs at a value of 0.15ETH. The CEO Dominic Ryder, aka Romulus, revealed that the letters and numbers inside these NFTs lead users to influencers on social media.

The influencers hold clues that unlock other clues, which ultimately unlocks a treasure worth about 1% of $VEMP’s total supply. This would make the prize worth $5,000,000 at even half the size of MANA (Decentraland).

vEmpire recently took a spot among the top 10 trading NFT cards on The future looks bright for early adopters of vEmpire as it is launching into a completely new unexplored frontier. vEmpire is the first protocol with the explicit intention of invading another. vEmpire plans to facilitate DeFi-esque staking of Metaverse tokens onto their platform and use those tokens to continuously “invade” by purchasing LAND in other projects. You can find out more on the whitepaper here.

MEXC Global: Expanding its Financial Service Provision Capabilities

MEXC Global’s partnership with vEmpire DDAO certifies its prowess as a global service provider. Moreover, MEXC believes in the essence of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, which involves upholding true decentralization. Find out more about MEXC Global’s outreach here.

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