Mohamed Selim, The Founder Of Msc² – A Leading Life Coaching And Multi-specialty Counseling Center Was Featured In

Mohamed Selim, the founder of MSC² and a holistic health specialist and life coach, got featured on

New York, USA, 9th October 2022, is an authentic website that publishes interviews with entrepreneurs and executives. It has recently featured Mohamed Selim, certified behavioral healthcare professional. He offers his services as a therapist, program director, senior-level administrator, and business developer. 

Mohamed Selim was born to Lebanese immigrants and spent his life in New York. He shared with his early educational details and his passion for serving humanity. Selim holds a BSW from the NYS University at Albany, where he pursued his master’s degree in Social Work. Through his persistent commitment to the field, Selim became a Certified Clinical Interventionist, NYS OASAS Advanced Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor, Master Reiki Teacher, Certified Recovery Coach, Master Certified Life Coach, and Certified Grief Educator.

Selim explained that he believes listening and nodding have their place – it feels good to be heard and seen – but at MSC², his approach is strength-based. Drawing from his extensive skill set, Selim equips his clients with effective yet applicable coping mechanisms. 

“I don’t treat my patients according to their diagnosis or try just to manage their symptoms. I believe manualized treatment or coaching hardly works. I sit with another human acknowledging they are in profound pain—and suffering doesn’t fit neatly into the checkboxes of a DSM diagnostic category. I assure the ailing patient that I’m in this with you and will stay with you as long as it takes, no matter what. This is my biggest strength and makes me a successful behavioral healthcare professional.”  ~ Mohamed Selim

Mohamed Selim not only enables his patients to survive but thrive in their daily lives. His approach is customized, providing deeply individualized holistic care. Selim addresses each client’s mental health in conjunction with their spiritual, physical, and relationships for more comprehensive results.

“My professional satisfaction comes from helping people to connect more meaningfully with others, have a clearer sense of who they are, and find purpose in their lives. I feel satisfied when my patients feel more at peace and comfortable in their skin after feeling unworthy of love for a long time.” ~ Mohamed Selim

About Mohamed Selim

Mohamed Selim, the founder of MSC² (Mohamed Selim Coaching & Consulting), is a recognized behavioral healthcare professional with over two decades of industry experience. He has served in several capacities, in all treatment modalities, including therapist, program director, senior-level administration, and business development. His life coaching and multi-specialty counseling center were established to address the needs of people struggling with various behavioral health issues, including mental health, addiction, and trauma.

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Published On: October 9, 2022