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Prana Breath is a LiFE ReBooT Breath activated process aimed at bringing body-breath-mind to a natural rhythm under all circumstances, moods & emotions.

Press Release

updated: May 31, 2020 16:00 EDT

While all of us breathe, we are hardly conscious of how we are actually doing it. The result is that most of the people tend to do shallow breathing using only the uppermost part of our lungs. As a part of their wellness initiative LiFE ReBooT, Moksha Mantra has launched a Prana Breath program to teach people about the correct way of breathing and how it affects the changes on the energy level.

Mr Aashish Nanda, a renowned expert and the promoter of Moksha Mantra LiFE ReBooT modalities, has outlined the importance of understanding Prana Breath. According to him, Prana Breath, at a physical level, is known as the simple art of diaphragmatic sine wave breathing. The energy that is generated with the ‘Prana’ breath moves inside the body effortlessly providing vitality and balance in body-breath-mind equilibrium.

Mr Nanda claims, “Ancient yogic practices relate the Prana link between the astral and physical body. Prana is the energy that causes the motion of the breath in the lungs; it is the combustion that propels a vehicle forward, it is what happens at a hydropower plant when water (breath) moves the turbine (body) and generates electricity. At the physical level, the role of the diaphragm in this respect of ‘Prana Breath’ is significant. The diaphragm is responsible for a significant proportion of the respiration process in normal breathing. The first mantra of prana breath is, therefore, activating the diaphragm.”

Mr. Nanda claims that the lower part of the lungs is able to inhale more oxygen than the upper part which is clearly visible when a person inhales and the belly expands. This is because the diaphragm plays a vital role in expanding lower lungs capacity to inhale more oxygen.

The program seeks to inform people about the body-breath-mind connect, the normal breathing cycle and what happens during the simple correct diaphragmatic inhalation and exhalation process.

About Moksha Mantra

Moksha Mantra is a website dedicated to wellness by promoting traditional Indian practices of mindfulness, prana breath, movement and holistic cooking. It seeks to re-establish the balance of body, mind and soul and show the way of living our lives with stress and anxieties.

If you are interested in knowing the full details of this program, please visit: https://www.mokshamantra.com/category/prana-breath/

Source: Moksha Mantra