Founded by Kasey Labrie, mother of four, military wife and entrepreneur with a head for business and a heart for mothers

BUFFALO, N.Y. , November 4, 2020, ZEXPRWIRE Mompreneur Mastery launched today, offering business development advisory services and coaching for moms struggling to manage working from home. The company is the creation of Kasey Labrie, a mother of four, military wife and entrepreneur with a head for business and a heart for mothers. Labrie shares the experiences and insights she gleaned from starting two successful businesses to help mothers with their own entrepreneurial ventures.

“Our credo is ‘stay inspired when you’re just plain tired,’” said Labrie. “No one makes a better entrepreneur than a mother, in my view. The work of motherhood is really quite similar to that of starting a new business. You have to be creative and flexible, but have a plan and know how to follow through. At the same time, transposing the skills of mothering into running a success company may require some

expert guidance. That’s what we offer. We can work with mothers who want to make money while working out of the home. We’ve been there, and we’re ready to share our secrets to success.”

Labrie, who also authored the book Mompreneur Mastery: The ultimate guide on staying inspired when you’re just plain tired, offers inspiration in addition to coaching. “Sometimes, you just need someone

telling you that it’s going to work, that you can do this,” Labrie added. “I wish I had had an expert whispering encouragement in my ear when I was starting out.”

Labrie started a successful travel agency, Buffalo Group Tours, in 2018. The company enables singles and families to travel on a payment plan without going into debt or having to deal with credit checks. She had previously worked in finance, insurance and sales to support her family. She wanted to have her own business so she could have the flexibility to be at home for the children while still earning income.

Labrie is applying the lessons she learned through this experience to her clients at Mompreneur Mastery. Mompreneur Mastery offers guidance on selecting the kind of business a mother/entrepreneur might find to be the best fit with skills, background and lifestyle goals. The service also advises on branding, marketing techniques, time management and even self-care. “You have to remember to take care of yourself,” Labrie added. “We’re all so busy making sure that everyone else is okay and has what they need, it’s easy to forget that you, too, need support so you can be at your best.”

Getting to success was not pre-ordained for Labrie, who had to overcome significant adversity to enjoy the life she currently lives. Labrie grew up the inner city with a single mother who battled mental health issues and drug addiction. “I always knew I was meant for bigger things,” she said. “But, the path was not at all obvious. When I had my own children, I discovered that I had a drive to make sure their lives were fulfilled in every way that mine had never been.”

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