Music artist GPHYSCO looks to moving to Texas

Kissimmee, Florida, Nov 7, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, For almost the past two years Gphysco has been going through difficulties in his while living in FL. Gphysco after loosing the house he lived in for 6 years in and fighting to survive has put a toll on his emotions and hurt his plans for releasing music. Gphysco’s last song was dropped in June 2022. While going through family troubles since last year almost around this time Gphysco feels the need to leave and start a new life and chapter in Texas. Gphysco hopes to continue attending Full Sail University online to improve for himself and others in the music careers.

There’s no specific timeframe Gphysco will be moving to Texas however it is said that he will be leaving early 2023 and by early between January through February. If everything goes well with money, plans and timing for this long travel Gphysco will end up doing alone. Gphysco states “I will fight and never give up this dream I have in becoming a successful musician. There will always be obstacles in life but that does not mean I will quit music or become lazy”. Gphysco says to those who are wondering where Gphysco stands right now in his music.

In conclusion Gphysco will fight to be strong through these difficult time in his life and hopes to maybe start over in a different state with different lifestyles. Gphysco hopes to better himself once he’s there and hopes to take this trip as a moment in life of exploration.

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Published On: November 7, 2022