Nebraska’s Flatwater Sales Inc’s Discounted Irrigation Supplies Include Discontinued Components

The store sells irrigation supplies by 50 national and international brands.

Ord, NE, 16th March 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, The origins of Flatwater Sales Inc date back to its CEO Corey Schaaf’s formative years when he used to help his grandfather with his salvage tractor parts business. While the store delivers parts to customers near and far, unlike olden times when customers would have to make the trip, it remains the same: Buy and sell top-quality irrigation supplies at competitive prices. This goal is partially why Flatwater Sales Inc has become the go-to store for center pivot parts that are no longer in production.

Irrigation remains one of the fastest-developing sectors in the US, and while farmers have adapted to some changes, such as relying on groundwater instead of surface water and transitioning to drip and sprinkler irrigation systems, they have also stayed true to tried-and-tested irrigation technology due to budgetary concerns.

Thus, it’s not rare for a malfunctioning or obsolete component to bring an entire operation to a halt due to the lack of replacement parts. Flatwater Sales Inc hopes to reduce such instances through used and refurbished discontinued parts.

“We remain committed to providing irrigation system parts, equipment, and technical support regardless of a customer’s budget,” said Schaaf. “We still accept used parts from farmers across the country, no matter how old or new they might be. The older supplies can be a real steal because some other farmer somewhere else might need them while they gather enough funds to transition to a more modern irrigation system. We have new and used supplies by enough brands to serve the entire farming sector. 

Flatwater Sales Inc currently features supplies by at least 50 local and international brands. It primarily deals in center pivot parts and components, curating sprinkler heads, irrigation wheels, tower boxes, and whatnot for its loyal customer base in almost all US states and worldwide.

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About Flatwater Sales Inc

Flatwater Sales Inc is the primary seller of low-priced center pivot irrigation supplies in Ord, Nebraska. The store also operates globally and has gained recognition for providing discontinued parts and products to local and overseas buyers by purchasing them at a fair price from the local farming sector. Contact the store using the details below to learn more about used irrigation pivots, sprinklers, wheels, tower boxes, and individual components.

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Published On: March 16, 2023