Neighbors Trailer and PassTime Announce Partnership Introducing GPS Tracking for Trailers Improving Safety and Security for Trailer Owners

  • GPS tracking is the best line of defense for Trailer owners who rent out their trailers to prevent theft or recover their assets. In lieu of the importance of GPS tracking for trailer rentals, Neighbors Trailer is partnering with PassTime to deliver an effective solution.

Perris, CA, Jan 11, 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, Neighbors Trailer is America’s first peer-to-peer trailer rental marketplace. It has created a platform where trailer owners with underutilized trailers can list and rent out their trailers. Businesses and individuals seeking trailer rentals across all types and sizes can conveniently find and rent the trailers they need. By acting as the middleman, Neighbors Trailer allows trailer owners to generate a passive income while making it easier for businesses and individuals to find fairly priced and high-quality rental trailers. A business built on providing high-quality and reliable GPS solutions, PassTime has been leading innovation in this industry for over 30 years. It has designed exceptional GPS solutions for use across various applications. With a 4G and 5G-enabled infrastructure, PassTime utilizes the latest technological advancements in GPS technology for its products and services. The partnership will integrate PassTime’s latest GPS tracking technology with Neighbors Trailer’s peer-to-peer trailer rental platform.

Through this partnership, trailer owners in the Neighbors Trailer community can purchase high-quality GPS solutions provided by PassTime for significantly lower than the market price, alongside a 2-year bundled service plan by PassTime. The partnership will soon culminate in Neighbors Trailer integrating PassTime’s GPS tracking solutions on the P2P platform, allowing owners to track their trailers directly from the owner’s portal in their account on the marketplace.

Trailer owners need to secure their investment when renting out their assets. Trailer insurance offers protection against financial loss in case of theft or significant damage. However, it is a half-measure that does not offer timely or adequate protection. By standardizing GPS tracking technology through solutions like the Encore battery-powered GPS tracker, NT will empower trailer owners with a way to prevent the theft of or easily recover their trailers after the fact.

The Encore battery-powered GPS tracker is the best-in-class GPS tracking solution. Featuring an internal lithium-ion battery that lasts up to four years, the nimble, discreet, durable, and reliable GPS tracker features the longest-lasting battery life for any GPS system with a battery of this size.

The partnership between Neighbors Trailer with PassTime will allow trailer owners to benefit from better pricing for PassTime’s GPS tracking devices immediately, with the rollout of the tracking solution’s integration being available shortly.

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Published On: January 11, 2023