New Data Shows Governor Holcomb Polling Bottoms Out After Unemployment Cut

Terre Haute, Indiana, 7th July 2021, ZEXPRWIRE In Indiana, white women are now leaving the Republican Party at a rate of almost 2 to 1. It appears current Governor Eric Holcomb and his decision to cut the federally funded unemployment is a bigger piece. Holcomb, who polled as high as 85%, is now down under 55%. 

The Weinbach Corporation has compiled new data that shows lifelong white, suburban women are just now leaving the Republican Party, and it has more to do with current Governor Eric Holcomb than anything related to Mike Pence or Donald Trump. Dropping federal money is shifting white women more than the events of January 6th, Donald Trump, or anything to do with the Coronavirus. It turns out taking money out of small business owners is the biggest reason. 

The exodus is happening just in the last month as Holcomb cut the federal funding into unemployment, a move that stopped money from entering the local economy and could put a giant amount of people into poverty. 

The demographics aren’t all white suburban women, but also white working-class men and women. We spoke with Mike Bentley of the Weinbach Group, who informed us of the new focus group’s findings and how this will affect polling and voting in the future for the state of Indiana. The old rallying points of the Republican Party aren’t working as scare tactics anymore. 

“It’s not just college-educated white women, who were kind of on the fence about Trump in 2020. They were mostly gone by January 6th, but even those who aren’t college educated are turning now too. These people are smart enough to see that now that Biden is in office, that the guns aren’t getting taken, and most of them can see that abortion isn’t a single issue. It was decided in the 70s and isn’t a factor in that state. Those scare tactics really worked on Latino voters in 2020, especially in the swing state of Florida, but not so much in the conversative state of Indiana.”

So what is the main source of the new recent polls against Holcomb?

“Unemployment and jobs. Money into the local economy is really going to be hurt by this move from Governor Holcomb. He is pushing a narrative that the getting is good in Indiana as far as getting a job, but most of the jobs lost in the pandemic that is now back, are paying less. People making $21 an hour are being offered the chance to come back at $13 an hour. There is no protection from the Governor, and he doesn’t understand these are his voters. Now there was an online push to get people upset over local eateries not staffed, but it hasn’t been that effective in Indiana. The Hoosiers understand if people don’t have jobs or at least an income, even if it is unemployment, then it means poverty will increase which leads to a plethora of problems including the crime rate skyrocketing and of course more taxes down the road for Hoosiers to fix the problems this creates. This was free federal money, studies have shown it would have helped the local economy, and it is puzzling why Holcomb would do it. Perhaps he wants to sink the economy to hurt President Biden, but that is shooting his foot to save his face.” 

Bentley does agree that the trends don’t say Indiana will turn blue. The state is too rural, and even with a 50% increase in the suburbs, Indiana still wouldn’t turn into a blue state. Bentley added, “It’s alarming in a red state like Indiana, but won’t have as big an impact as it will in other states. Our new surveys and polling in other states show us that Indiana isn’t an outlier here, but it does say a lot about both Holcomb’s legacy in Indiana, and of course, this move will make Indiana another place people don’t want to live. The data already shows us that Indiana sees a lot of departures. It’s a terrible move by the current Governor, free money to the people of his state? Maybe more voters will turn, right now, it won’t be enough to turn the state Democrat, but it’s a start, and if you remember Indiana was blue in 2008. If a middle-of-the-road guy came along, like a Biden type but for Governor, it could happen. There is a push on the left, and with moves like this, Holcomb is pushing people into the middle.”

The questionable move by Holcomb isn’t just being noted in polling but also online. Kateland Olson, a former Republican, runs a Facebook group with over 22 thousand people from the Hoosier State, a group of former Republicans now Independents. She says the group has seen enormous gains in the last few weeks, and it is tied to Holcomb and also small business owners. 

“Holcomb turning down federal money is asinine. It’s money that isn’t coming from taxes, and a lot of white, suburban women have small businesses, they cut hair, they sell Avon, they work hard, and this is going to directly hurt them. Sure, it is going to put a lot of people into food lines and things like that, but until a person is directly hurt by something, they don’t always change. It’s going to lead to a lot of things, and you can see it in the Facebook group, people are discussing how Indiana will look in the next year or even after Holcomb. These people will be put into poverty, and that is when crime will start. That is exactly what these women and men in the other groups do not want. The crime numbers you see in Chicago from poverty-related issues are going to start happening in smaller cities like Fort Wayne, South Bend, Terre Haute, and Evansville. We are even starting to see some women who are interested in things like UBI, more welfare if it is federal funded, and things of that nature because if you don’t help people, especially poor people, that’s when things happen, disruption, and whatnot, and that’s not what we want.”

Donald Trump carried Indiana in a landslide in 2020 and 2016 with the help of former Vice President, Mike Pence, but the love for Trump and the Republican Party is waning. Olson, who said she voted for McCain and Romney before Trump, explained to me. 

“I am a Republican lifer, and Indiana keeps getting worse because of Republicans, and sure the protect the farmers, but who is looking out for us? A governor needs to govern all people, and we are all in this together. The people of Indiana want solutions, not pipe dreams. Sure, January 6th was a big turning point, but also Pence didn’t do much for his home state while he was VP. We need solutions and if Indiana doesn’t protect its people, including those unemployed, who might fall into poverty now that Holcomb has made this decision, it means more poverty, more crime, more food banks, which means to fix it down the road more taxes, and it could have been helped with this federal money.”

Covid vaccination numbers are still low in the state, the tide is turning, and people are over the pandemic in rural Indiana. Indiana never really shut down at all as schools stayed open the entire year after shutting down early at the end of 2020. Indiana will be lucky to keep its head above water to end Holcomb’s term, and whoever comes in next will have their hands full. That isn’t good for either party of the state. 

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Published On: July 7, 2021