New Investment Platform From Bitlocus – Onboarding FIAT Users Onto The Decentralized Finance World

Vilnius, Lithuania, 18th March 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Bitlocus, a global financial technology company, has launched a new product – The Bitlocus Investing Platform, bringing more FIAT users into the DeFi Space.

According to Invesco, 46% of Europeans participate in investment funds and 86% of people consider receiving income from their investments as important. However, during 2020 only 7.2% of Europeans held crypto assets – even though cryptocurrencies tend to show higher interest rates than traditional investment options.

Slow cryptocurrency adoption rates are directly tied to the complexity and risk users face when entering the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) investing space. To reduce the barrier of entry and onboard FIAT users into the DeFi world Bitlocus has launched an easy-to-use investing platform acting as an intermediary between Centralized and Decentralized finance.

Bitlocus allows users to deposit traditional currencies, like euros, which the platform automatically converts to crypto and stakes the assets in DeFi yield protocols – generating daily compound interest rates. 

Andrius Normantas, the CEO of Bitlocus, shared:

“Our goal is to draw crypto and traditional currencies together. Our new product – a centralized DeFi management platform is a successful first step towards bringing mass adoption to the DeFi space. It’s a great opportunity to diversify your portfolio and generate interest easily. It is simple, risk-mitigated, and compliant so everyone can invest into decentralized finance.”

The Bitlocus Investing Platform also allows users to convert their crypto yield generated by staking to euros and make withdrawals directly to their bank accounts.

Providing a highly curated list of decentralized finance investment options by searching for the highest interest rate, the safest long-term investment funds, and integrating them into their system. The first investment option provided on the Bitlocus Investing Platform is Anchor Protocol, users can participate in stablecoin staking and earn a 12% compounding interest rate on their investment. The Bitlocus Investing platform acts as an intermediary between the user and Anchor Protocol, allowing for an easier and faster investment process.

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Bitlocus is a global financial technology company. The main mission of Bitlocus is to bring fiat and cryptocurrencies together via features such as fiat-to-crypto exchange, payment cards, crypto payments processing, liquidity, and other services. For more information please visit

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Published On: March 18, 2022