New Metaverse AI Game ‘Metap’ To Be Available On PC And Mobile Platforms Soon

Ankara, Turkey, 16th Feb 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Metap will be a fully multiplayer online game that will be available on both mobile and PC platforms. There is no development risk associated with this game either because the game’s ‘Beta Version’ with AI functionality is already available. This is also the first AAA graphics playable metaverse game that employs AI features.

Within the game itself, there will be a large-scale artificial intelligence-based cloning process. Players may even construct and travel between worlds that are administered by AI, and individuals from other planets in the metaverse can converse, build, and trade with one another. There shall be an NFT sale of Metaverse Land and Metaverse systems and accessories as well which Metap’s users can look forward to.

Moreover, the game will feature all kinds of different worlds and cities. In each world, there will be forms of government too. Players will also be able to take part in the management team which will require the use of the NFTs. The trading features involved in Metap will be at the highest level and will be supported by the crafting and building system aspect. Lastly, the team is made up of industry leaders in the game development and blockchain fields.

Accomplishments and future goals

Metap has already formed partnerships with CoinSale, StarFi, DAOStarter, Smaugsnft, iXiRSwap, Gainpool and Eraxnft. The biggest achievements to date have been the work that the team has done on game development as well as on the development of Metap’s growing community.

Regarding future goals, the team shall release a playable demo 1-2 months following the launch and will also prepare the full version in 3-6 months. Furthermore, they will also develop Metap’s NFT marketplace in addition to developing the game’s economy system. All of this shall be finalized in 3 months as well. Additionally, a staking system will be developed and everything shall be released in the playable demo soon.

About Metap

Metap is a new kind of playable metaverse system which is based entirely on AI. This is a project that will have a significant impact on the metaverse gaming sector, both on mobile and PC.

The team’s goal is to create a premier NFT and GameFi ecosystem in the blockchain world that provides long-term value to its users and investors while also utilizing the immense potential and capabilities of the metaverse concept. As of now, $750,000 has been added to Metap’s liquidity and listings on various exchanges are expected soon. Also, the team will work to establish a common market with numerous other major game platforms which Metap is partnered with, and the team will also make an integration between many games and their own in a way that has not been done before. The main goal however is to produce a community-owned project without allowing VC’s and seed sales, as well as to launch on the industry’s biggest platforms.

For more information and regular updates, visit Metap’s official website and Telegram, Twitter, Medium and Instagram channels.

Media Contacts

Contact name: Emrah Vural 

Email: [email protected]

Company Name: MetapPlay

Country, City: Ankara in Turkey

Published On: February 16, 2022