Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, 17 Feb 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, The Novatar NFT collection caught the attention of thousands displayed on the Billboard of Times Square in New York City.

On Feb 10 the trendiest NFT project The Novatar took over Times Square in New York City being one of the few exclusive NFT projects to catch this much attention. The exclusive visuals will keep appearing on the billboard periodically till Feb. 17. 

Anyone currently residing or passing through Broadway between 45th and 46th streets can stop to enjoy the modern and futuristic collection of the Novatar that happens to be the first-ever technologically advanced NFT avatars collection. 

The limited collection consists of 25K Novatars. All Novatars first come as babies that can grow up on the blockchain and transform into adults. The owners can decide when to age the baby Novatar 30 days after minting: this process is irreversible – once aged, it can never go back. All Novatars are unique and graphically AI-generated. 

Novatars have a variety of basic, as well as, appearing genes. The collection of genes differs depending on the age of the NFT: adults have more genes. There are 9 basic genes (the genes responsible for skin, hair, eyes, and eyebrows colors) for baby Novatars, adults will develop up to 14. 

Some adult Novatars can have genes for a profession:  developer, gamer, astronaut, doctor, or blogger (88% of cases this gene will not appear). 

Novatars imitate real-life in the virtual world where individuals can celebrate the diversity of races, sexual orientation (be heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual), professions. 

With Twitter announcing the NFT verification availability on Twitter Blue and Meta’s big plans to integrate NFTs as profile pictures, the Novatars is currently the trendiest project for building digital identity. 

About Novatars:

The Novatar is an avatars collection: a technologically advanced NFT project with a limited collection of 25k baby avatars that will grow up on the blockchain and transform into adults. We celebrate diversity: Novatars represent different races, genders, and sexual orientations. Novatars can be used as NFT digital identities for all social media platforms and metaverses. 

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