(Via ZEXPR) NFTWars is the latest project to capitalize on the NFT movement that has taken over the blockchain industry. The platform aims to build one of the first blockchain games that enable gamers to access NFT features. 

The developers behind the project have stated that they intend to resolve the existing problems facing the NFT sector based on the Ethereum network. To achieve this, NFTWars is built on a layer-2 blockchain called Polygon.  

Polygon is built on Ethereum side chains and offers faster transactions and crucially low transaction fees. This means that NFTWars will offer NFT features at a fraction of the costs that will be attained on solely ethereum blockchain NFT games.  

NFTs on the Rise

The NFT sector is on the rise, with more artists and crypto enthusiasts are jumping on board the train. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Tesla CEO Elon Musk have already placed pieces of NFTs for sale. 

Also, increasing exposure to tokenization using NFTs has led to a new market within the blockchain space. The gaming sector is also looking to integrate this feature, and NFTWars is poised to take the first-mover advantage in this area. 

Incentivized gaming on NFTWars 

The gameplay on NFTWars will initially be based on a simple “rock, paper, scissors” game where gamers battle for the control of a risk-like map. More developments will include complex features like alliances and complex battle systems.

NFTWars intends to incentivize gamers on the platform by offering tokenized rewards and staking options for gamers. Gamers will be able to purchase in-game items and mint new NFTs on the platform using the native token WAR. 

Gamers can stake WAR tokens for potential rewards and incentivize team members in alliances. According to their website, the developers behind NFTWars have deployed a mechanism that will keep the overall supply of WAR tokens low. This is achieved by periodical burning of existing WAR tokens and including the burnt tokens into the total supply. 

NFTWars also offers users complete control of their assets within its decentralized ecosystem. Gamers can also determine decisions taken by using the WAR token, which doubles as the platform’s governance token. 

NFTWars ecosystem growing exponentially 

NFTWars is still in the early phases of development and conducted a private sale of WAR tokens in February. The private sale was well received by the crypto community, with 175,000 WAR tokens sold within eight hours. 

This was followed by the commissioning of the NFT assets that will be deployed in the NFTWars ecosystem. Currently, NFTWars is undergoing a presale of the WAR tokens, which began on March 5 and is expected to end on March 19. This is a period when the WAR token is made available to the public for a limited period at best possible price. 

The development team has pegged the hard cap for the presale at 402 ETH. Individuals will be able to purchase 1,000 WAR tokens for 1.3 Ether (ETH). To provide a fair distribution system, individual investors have a maximum cap of 9 ETH. 

Once the presale of WAR tokens is over, the NFTWar team will list the token on several exchanges, including decentralized exchange Uniswap. It is expected that the listing on Uniswap will expose the token to retail investors that will provide liquidity and drive up the value of the token. 

NFTWars has other developments lined up in March, with the game Map expected to be released before the end of the month. At the same time, the Polygon contract will be deployed during this period. 

The technical development will continue until the full launch of the platform in May. NFTWars represents a novel platform that aims to make inroads in a new sector. The NFT world has surprised many in recent months, and NFTWars can become a leading player in the growing industry. To learn more about NFTWars, visit its website: https://nftwars.io/