NGEL PARTNERS PTE LTD, officially opened the cryptocurrency futures exchange 'Lion-Bit'
NGEL PARTNERS PTE LTD, officially opened the cryptocurrency futures exchange ‘Lion-Bit’

The Malaysian-based futures company NGEL PARTNERS PTE LTD. announced on March 30th this year that the cryptocurrency futures exchange ‘Lion-Bit‘ was officially launched.

NGEL PARTNERS is composed of IT and security professionals, being found in April as of last year and focuses servicing on products of futures. To line with the institutionalization of cryptocurrency derivatives around the world, it has been licensed in two countries to prepare for the official establishment.

This company has well received positive feedback on stability after establishing a system that transfers users’ assets to cold wallets every 30 minutes, including Bitcoin OTC (C2C), along with opening a spot exchange last year.

Lion-Bit is now an official cryptocurrency futures exchange which implements a safe, customer-oriented service as top priority. Significant effort is carried out to promote customer needs by servicing differentiated strategies to other exchanges. 

The company has announced that it has procured a highly secure system by adopting the META5 Trader platform, which is well-known as the world’s most outstanding forex trading platform. 

Anyone can easily trade by downloading a mobile application, the company’s proudly serviced technology with a clean UI. Simply verify your personal details with the KYC system, a system verifying personal details, operated by MAY BANK Malaysia, and you can start trading after making a deposit. There will be an opening promotion event of exempting transaction fees for the month.

NGEL PARTNERS PTD LTE. is expected to hold a mock investment contest on April 13th with the official launch of Lion-Bit. You can view the real-time rate of return on the website and this system supports copy trading services, which means that you can trade in the same patterns with other traders earning high returns. The plan is to create an easy, accessible, convenient culture for exchanging cryptocurrency futures.