California, USA, January 15, 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, The world is in desperate need of great leadership. In times of distress, some people rise to the top and are recognized for helping those in need. Norvin Lopez, Partner at DG Financial, is one of those influential people to look at in 2021, not because of how much success he has, but rather how much success he has created for others.

The people who earn their wealth know this core principle: to earn 7 figures, you must help other people earn six figures first. In 2020, we saw all too many lose their jobs and in need of a monthly income to support their families.

Norvin quickly saw this was an opportunity for him to help. He leads by example and shows those who lack the proper skills how to sell more efficiently, create goals for their financial future and break free from restraints a 9 to 5 job would give.

Leaders Create Leaders

We asked Norvin what the secret to money was and how people can sustain the life of their dreams.

He says “Most people only are in it to make money, sell someone something and look out for themselves. There is no trust after a sale, there is no community in the workplace. These are not qualities we look for in my agency. We are all a team and if my lowest person can rise, only then do I rise too. I need to see my people do well. I constantly look at who needs the most help and give it to them. My main goal is to create more leaders.”

Freedom Over Your Time

It would be a shame to gain all the wealth in the world and not feel in control of your time. The best business models are those that allow the individual to work as much as they desire or scale back, based on their needs.

Norvin is an advocate for this balance. When it comes to work and life, he ensures that his partners know that it is based on their work ethic and drive that will fuel their dreams.

Making 7 figures will only depend on how much purpose and drive the person has. The opportunities are presented to them daily. It is all written out for them to see and it is only a choice for them to make. One thing is for certain, the person who is fully committed to a better life, will without a doubt have one if they partner with Norvin’s agency.

You can follow and learn more about Norvin on his Instagram @norvinlopez80_