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Longmont, Colorado, 13th March 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, Enerhealth Botanicals is Proud to announce 2 new coffee products to their Organic Mushroom Coffee line

“Enerhealth Botanicals is announcing 2 new coffee products to their line-NutriCafe Lions Mane Focus and Memory and NutriCafe Chaga Wellness.   Both are certified Organic whole bean coffees infused with health-enhancing mushrooms.  Lions mane is primarily beneficial for improving focus and memory.  Chaga is known for its powerful anti-oxidants and contribution to gut health. Infused with dual extracted fruiting bodies, which they believe will help their customers achieve their health and wellness goals.

The Lions Mane Coffee is incredibly good at improving focus and memory, among other positive attributes.  ” Enerhealth Botanicals has a long-standing commitment to providing high-quality, all-natural products that support a healthy lifestyle. We use only the finest organic and wildcrafted herbs, and all of our products are free from harmful chemicals and additives. And we roast in small batches to ensure freshness” said Steve St. Clair, founder of Enerhealth Botanicals.

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They believe plants can heal and nourish the mind, body, and soul. Founded in 2005 by Steve St. Clair, their mission is to create conscious wellness through high-quality herbal extracts, salves, sprays, and nutritional supplements by offering a wide range of products, including; green superfoods, herbal liquid extracts, plant-based tincture solutions, and organic herb concentrates, all designed to support your overall well-being.

With Enerhealth Botanicals, you can enjoy the benefits of nature’s finest ingredients in a variety of convenient and delicious products.  For those looking for natural cough relief, respiratory aid, and lung renewal remedies, their botanical cough syrups, herbal bronchial support, and lung-clearing extracts provide gentle, yet effective solutions.

Enerhealth also offers Cocoa Mojo – an organic Peruvian, non-dutched, cocoa blended with medicinal mushroom extracts and coconut palm sugar(a low glycemic sweetener). For customers looking for a delicious dairy free alternative, they also offer organic coconut milk powder which provides a delicious and nutritious treat.

In addition to these items, they also offer Enerfood – an organic superfood blend packed with vitamins and minerals.

Herbal Liquid Extracts – traditional herbs for everyday use; Plant-Based Tincture Solutions – plant-based extracts used as natural remedies; Organic Herb Concentrates – concentrated liquid formulas derived from plants;

Mushroom Extractions of various species of medicinal mushroom fruiting bodies.

Hemp-Derived Extractions – hemp-derived products designed to promote well-being. Herbal Hemp Tinctures formulations – tinctures formulated with Herbal ingredients and Hemp to maximize potency;

Natural Cough Relief Remedies – botanical blends designed to provide quick relief from coughs and cold symptoms; Herbal Respiratory Aid Syrups – syrups designed to soothe sore throats caused by respiratory issues; Lung Renewal Remedies – herbs for deep lung cleansing and increasing oxygen absorption; Botanical Cough Suppressants – natural suppressants for suppressing coughing fits naturally.

In addition to offering natural remedies directly on their website, EnerHealth Botanicals also partners with health professionals including healthcare practitioners, nutritionists and dietitians who recommend their products as part of their treatment plans for their clients looking to improve their overall well being through plant based nutrition and herbal remedies.

All of Enerhealth Botanicals’ supplements are made in the USA, and the company is committed to using sustainable and eco-friendly practices in its manufacturing processes.

Final Thoughts

At EnerHealth Botanicals, they are dedicated to providing safe, reliable products that help people find their path toward holistic wellness. Their team is committed to providing quality products from only the finest ingredients from trusted suppliers worldwide. If you are looking for natural remedies or just a tasty cup of coffee or cocoa, they have something that will suit everyone’s taste buds.

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Published On: March 13, 2023