NowMeta Crypto Token Reveals Its Roadmap

California, US, 30th March 2022, ZEXPRWIRENOWMETA  had a successful launch and has sold 100% of its presale on the Unicrypt launchpad.  This achievement was due to their strategic marketing plan, appropriate adjustments and hardworking team. NOW META Crypto coin was able to have an outstanding initial opening and is now live on PancakeSwap.

Obeying their road map with over a 600k market cap and 24k in liquidity, the young token shows a very bright future. Unlike other tokens that revert to the ICO price, Now Meta has been steadily climbing up.

The company has seen great success so far, having launched its first product, the Now Meta token. As well as making headlines with its recent announcement of a new project called “NowMecha” which will be a Play 2 Earn shooter for Binance Smart Chain. With these plans it is clear that it is not slowing down. Now Meta is currently looking for partnerships, investors, streamers and gamers from all around the world to come and empower the Metaverses of the world, using its web3 technology.



NowMeta is excited to unveil its latest features as it advances towards its quest to revolutionize the metaverse. The NowMeta gaming studios will develop games available on mobile and multi-platform devices, including PCs. Training modules will also focus on web 3.0 development, game development, NFT development, and Metaverse 101 learning and development for all ages.

HOLLYWOOD, CA, Jan. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Meanwhile, NowMeta’s charity will provide grant programs to assist students within the community. These characteristics focus on the project’s principal purpose of bringing varied entrepreneurship opportunities and developing a fire trading market for NowMeta investors by utilizing other industry professionals.

Opening the Metaverse

As Metaverse coin holders gain access to staking opportunities, liquidity, and diversified returns, NowMeta plans to enrich their experiences. In addition, investors on NowMeta will access online networking portals and see measurable changes in their lives. NowMeta Games have built-in features to allow players to earn money while playing. As a result, investors and consumers gain incentives. NowMeta will also allow staking for holders to earn passive income.

The project provides possibilities for holders to receive high-level training. They will also grow from specialists in their particular fields when we establish this unique network. Entrepreneurs, angel investors, innovators, and individuals from various industries will network on NowMeta. The project will develop solutions in our communities by innovating together in the metaverse.

The project will now feature the community’s avatar clothing on Meta Runway. This move will open up opportunities for artists to earn money while working 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The NowMeta Impact Award Show will recognize the NowMeta community’s most brilliant and influential creators in all industries. It is where the team expresses gratitude and appreciation for the success of our initiative. It will include companies and persons from both the metaverse and the real world.

Tokenomics Details

NowMeta’s blockchain-based transactions are speedy, secure, and transparent owing to Binance Smart Chain. The NowMeta Future Vault will receive 4% of transaction fees in tokenomics. It will offer loans and grants to help the bright minds of the NowMeta community advance in and out of the metaverse.

NowMeta will contribute 5% of each transaction to charity, creating a healthier and safer world while enhancing the metaverse. Despite the lack of an auto-burn feature, the project will buy back and burn about 5% of each transaction. With the anti-rug pull-proof mechanisms in place, the project can pull only 1% of the current supply at a time. 4% of transaction fees will go to marketing and development.

NowMeta is currently developing MetaSwap, a cross-chain platform, and exchange. Hence, it will enable cross-metaverse coin swapping across all major metaverse platforms. It will result in the most potent Meta-Ecosystem, powered by Binance and Ethereum.

What’s Next for the Project?

The project has completed the first stage of its roadmap. Its activities included website making, the presale, PancakeSwap listing, whitepaper release, and audit. Influencer partnerships has been inked with Instagram sensation and influencer BKarma, NFT laboratories has been selected and is in the process of negotiations, and the base marketing push has started for Twitter, Discord and Telegram. The hopes are to gather 20k followers in total across all platforms. Stage two will feature virtual real estate acquisition, user perks and rewards, CoinGecko and CMC listing, burn token initiative meeting, and smart contract audit. Stage 3 will see more partnerships, merch, youth education stations, and strategic campaigns. After this, the fourth stage will feature a NowMeta wallet, reward game, more exchange listings, NFTs drop, complete app development, among others.

About NowMeta

NowMeta investors are making investments in the future of the metaverse. It applies to all platforms, including Decentraland, Blocktopia, Sandbox, Horizon Worlds, and any future worlds. Join the metaverse’s most extensive digital real estate investment holding fund.

The goal of NowMeta is to help holders understand the metaverse. Find out more about NowMeta via the social media handles below:





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Published On: March 30, 2022