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Press Release

updated: Jul 27, 2020 21:00 MDT

Morgan Reynolds, President of Oaklu, of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, today officially announced the founding members of the Oaklu Alliance™.

The Oaklu Alliance is a group of like-minded established companies that have come together, combining their specialties to construct Turnkey Hospital™ facilities and ensuring that high-quality Oaklu Turnkey Hospital units are constructed in all parts of the world, faster and more economically feasible.

“The founding members of the Oaklu Alliance create a powerful base from which to deliver the Turnkey Hospital and other projects globally. Additional members will be announced as the Alliance grows to stay ahead of its current and potential customers,” said Morgan Reynolds, President of Oaklu.

The founding members are:

Shaw Industries, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway – world’s largest flooring manufacturer. (shawinc.com)

​Teklight – International distributor of truly automatic UVD ultra-violet disinfection robots. (teklightuvc.com)

Global Furniture Group – North American leader in office furniture. (globalfurnituregroup.com/ca)

Alpha Mead Group – Leading healthcare management services provider in 10+ countries. (alphamead.com)

Allwest Furnishings – Western Canada industry leader in office furnishings. (allwestfurnishings.com)

Zero Mass Water – Source Hydro Panel infrastructure free drinking water solution. (zeromasswater.com/rexi)

Renova Energy – Renewable energy infrastructure design, construction, and engineering. (renovaenergy.ca)

Ante Global Solutions – Provides specialized security services globally. (anteglobalsolutions.com)

Old Park Engineering Services – L.P.G. bulk storage and distribution specialists. (oldparklpg.co.uk)

The Lombard Group – Affordable housing solutions for the developing world. (lombard-group.com)

Mopec Europe – Anatomy, autopsy, and pathology equipment and supplies. (mopec-europe.eu)

About Oaklu: With offices in Toronto, San Francisco, Vancouver and Edmonton, Oaklu is a fast-growing, global, large-scale developer. The firm is known for its well-designed, high-quality residential, commercial and public structures. It is currently steeped in two major projects: “Ember Gold,” a unique collection of architectural icons, and accepting contracts to build self contained, ready-to-move-in Turnkey Hospital™ installations – a new category originated by the company. Oaklu is finalizing plans to build hundreds of Turnkey Hospital units in the U.S. and underserved countries around the world.

Source: Oaklu